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Fall Preview of Sweepstakes Prizes at PCH

The Fall Preview of sweepstakes prizes here at PCH gives a glimpse of lots of winning going on!

Sweepstakes Prizes Galore … Here’s a Fall Preview and More!

It’s hard to escape mention of a Fall Preview being published in newspapers and magazines – about the new movies, TV shows and fashions that will be making their debuts in the coming weeks. Some of your favorite stars will be shedding their old roles to appear as new characters in fresh settings. Networks will be trying new series to see if something “sticks.” Films will break new ground with outrageous stories and dazzling special effects while some studios try to milk more box office dollars from sequels to earlier hits.

As far as fashion goes, I don’t care about the “spicy” new colors that The New York Times says will soon grace men’s wardrobes. Just leave me in my trusty Prize Patrol navy-blue blazer and khakis and I’ll be happy. Come to think of it, that outfit could make a lot of people happy – particularly if it shows up at their door with one of our famous PCH sweepstakes prizes.

So what’s the fall preview of our schedule of sweepstakes prizes? Fresh on the heels of awarding a Million Dollar SuperPrize to Joe Beane of Las Vegas on August 31st, we have a dazzling line-up.

There’s a “Spooktacular” $100,000.00 cash prize that will be awarded on Halloween and you can get in on the action right now at PCH Search & Win. Instead of getting the “sugar shakes” from eating too much candy on Halloween, our lucky PCH winner will get shaky hands while reaching for the Big Check!

Soon you will see a new Publishers Clearing House TV commercials featuring our PCH Prize Patrol, ready to award an ultra-cool new SuperPrize amount: One Million Dollars PLUS $5000 A Week for Life all to one lucky person in November. We call this unprecedented windfall opportunity The Ultra Combo Prize – and there’s no doubt about it: it’s ULTRA!

Sweepstakes prizes of $1,000.00 or more will be awarded as well to at least five lucky entrants.

And there will be more sweepstakes prizes for online sweepstakes entrants including daily giveaways at PCH Search & Win and PCHLotto.

So, that sums it up:  the Fall Preview of sweepstakes prizes here at PCH gives a glimpse of lots of winning going on! You can find links to all these play and win opportunities at – with a simple click here.

Here’s hoping the Fall of 2010 will be one for you to remember thanks to a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House!

Wishing you the best of luck,

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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