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Like Facebook Bingo Games? Introducing Bingo Charms by PCHgames

For those of you who love playing online games on, we’re super excited to announce the launch of Bingo Charms; the first Facebook bingo game brought to you by the PCHgames team.

What makes Bingo Charms so charming, you ask? It incorporates traditional Bingo elements like cards and number calling with new features that allow you to manage your luck and better your odds of getting a bingo. Plus, you have a chance to win up to $500 instantly each day you visit the game.

Because it’s a Facebook game, you can play Bingo Charms with all of your friends. You can invite your friends to join you and help you increase your luck in the Bingo game. You can also visit your friends’ trees to borrow numbers from them, give them a gift for extra luck, or check out what kind of charms they have on their table. The best part is that you can post your progress on your Facebook wall for all of your friends to see!

To guide you along your path, Crosby, the luckiest rabbit around, shows you how to play by picking lucky fruit for your Bingo cards and collecting enchanting charms which all help increase your luck in the bingo game!

The Beta version of the game launched on September 15th and has already has 220,000 monthly users! So far, we’ve received a lot of great feedback but we want to hear more from the PCHblog readers!

So join the fun today and tell all of your friends to check out Bingo Charms where you can play every day for great prizes and tons of Facebook Bingo fun! Leave your feedback in the comments section below and don’t forget to check back for the latest news and great tips, straight from Crosby!


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