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Sweepstakes Winners in PCH TV Commercials Are the Best Part of the Job

Sweepstakes winners in PCH TV commercials showing surprise winning moments are what Publishers Clearing House is known for; but people often wonder what it’s like to work here.

Sweepstakes winners in PCH TV commercials showing surprise winning moments are what Publishers Clearing House is known for; but people often wonder what it’s like working behind the scenes here.

When folks hear I work at PCH, they always ask me if it is fun working for Publishers Clearing House. My initial answer to the question is that it is hard work keeping up with the demands of creating new and exciting sweepstakes contests and promotions. However, my follow up answer is … YES … it is fun giving away MILLIONS and MILLIONS of DOLLARS to sweepstakes winners!

As fun as my career may be, Publishers Clearing House seems to follow me wherever I go, even on my time off. I watch a movie and I see a parody of the PCH Prize Patrol. I turn on the television and see over and over again the PCH TV commercials with excited sweepstakes winners. I visit the homes of my friends and sitting on their kitchen counters are Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes packages, with entries ready to be mailed back. However, here is a story that may shock you.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the taping of a famous talk show in New York City. This was not a work-related function. It was strictly for fun. As we were waiting for the show to begin, the director instructed us to be energetic and honest about our reactions to what was being shown to us. For example, if we were surprised about a comment, we should make a surprised look on our faces. We all laughed at the instructions that we were given. What did I hear a woman in my row say? She quipped, “We should look surprised like when Publishers Clearing House comes to our house with the Big Check!” I almost fell off of my chair. Even funnier, was the fact that I was not very good with the facial expression to convey my emotional reactions. I was good only at the “pensive-type, interested” look. When I tried to look surprised, happy, or disgusted, I just burst out laughing – good thing I picked writing, not acting, for a career.

That observation got me thinking…

Do people believe that the winning moments in our PCH TV commercials are real? Could they be thinking that the sweepstakes winners in our commercials are just actors? How can we prove that the reactions are real? Well, I am here to tell you that the reactions of our sweepstakes winners are REAL! And yes, that is why working for Publishers Clearing House is so much fun. We wait on the edge of our seats to find out what each winner’s reaction will be. Most times we are pleased and it is genuinely emotional and tearful. Every now and then, there is a less gregarious winner who seems to be in total shock and disbelief. However, a SuperPrize winner is a SuperPrize winner, regardless of his or her reaction.

If you’ve sent in a sweepstakes entry for the latest PCH SuperPrize – the amazing Ultra Combo Prize that offers $5000 A Week for Life PLUS One Million Dollars upfront – I hope you’re looking in the mirror and practicing your winning moment reaction for the next PCH TV commercials.

Should you be named one of our newest sweepstakes winners, you’ll be able to turn initial disbelief into overwhelming excitement. The cameras will love you, and so will the employees of Publishers Clearing House, including me.

Good luck!

Donna W.

PCH Creative Department

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