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Halloween Treat to be Delivered by New Prize Patrol Member – Danielle Lam

In just a few weeks the Prize Patrol will be on the road again to deliver a $100,000 special Halloween Treat. As the newest member of the Prize Patrol Elite Team, Danielle Lam will be joining us on the delivery.

Danielle has been employed by Publishers Clearing House for two and a half years, having started in the Product Promotion Department, then moving into the Promotion Development Department. She is a native of Garden City, NY and a graduate of Loyola College where she majored in Communications.

Danielle’s first Prize Patrol assignment was August 31st when she accompanied our team including another Prize Patrol’er named Danielle – Danielle Bertelotti – to Las Vegas where we surprised our newest Million Dollar SuperPrize winner Joe Beane.

No, the name Danielle is not a pre-requisite for Prize Patrol duty: You just have to be personable, energetic, smart and UP for just about any kind of prize delivery adventure that comes our way. Oh, yes; if you don’t like traveling, there’s no point in applying!

For Prize Patrol veterans like Todd Sloane and me, the responsibilities of delivering Big Checks worth thousands and millions of dollars are “old hat.” But we are confident that the “new Danielle” will catch on just as quickly and effectively as Danielle B. did before her.

Danielle’s next assignment will be to deliver a special Halloween treat in the form of a $100,000 prize to some lucky person – who may answer the door expecting a costumed neighborhood kid playing “trick or treat.” Well, believe me: this will not be a trick. It will be a giant Halloween TREAT, and the “costume” will not be a ghostly white sheet but a blue blazer with a patch on it that says “Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol.” Of course, the team will also be carrying balloons, roses, champagne and – ta dah! – The Big Check!

Just as we say “Welcome” to our newest Prize Patrol member, I’m sure YOU will also say “Welcome Danielle” if she shows up at your door to announce “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

The picture above was taken recently by our superbly talented Photo Studio staff — just one more team of individuals who make PCH such a great place to work.

If you’d like to be a winner of a Big Check from PCH, don’t delay, visit PCHSearch&Win today to enter!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

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