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The Cam’Pay’N Cashout Instant Win Opportunity on PCHlotto!

Cam’Pay’N Cashout – Will you count-up a cash payout this election season?

Selecting who to vote for has always been a challenging process for me. First I think about the issues that matter most to me and list them by importance. Then I conduct some research and match the politicians that are most aligned with my personal preferences. Even after coming to a decision, I find that I sometimes second guess myself with the massive amounts of mudslinging I see in the political TV commercials. So all these new concerns come up and I end up starting from the beginning, which can ultimately change who I vote for, and who becomes elected.

Before Election Day, Dave Sayer posted the following blog post titled “For Change You Can Believe In How About A Big Check?” That post got me thinking about how we integrate “change” into everything we do here at PCH! By now you’ve all seen how much we change people’s lives with our famous sweepstakes. And if you’ve checked out all the ways to win on Publishers Clearing House, you’ll see that we change our sweepstakes frequently to give you unique prizes to win big!

Cam’Pay’N Cashout Instant win

To honor this change, we released a special Election Day Cam’Pay’N Cashout Instant Win game! (Pronounced “Campaign Cashout”) To play, simply visit and play all four PCHlotto game cards. Once you arrive, just grab a patriotic penny with good old Abraham Lincoln on it, and “scratch” all the checked ballots off the instant win scratch card! Will the Cam’Pay’N Cashout Instant Win game be rewarding for you? Thousands of dollars in instant win prizes are up for grabs!

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