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Besides a Big Sweepstakes Check, What Would You Like the Prize Patrol to Bring You?

The late “Great One” Jackie Gleason had a long-running line that he uttered on virtually every one of his TV shows:  “Ummmmmm: HOW SWEET IT IS.”  He’d roll his eyes as if tasting the most heavenly ambrosia.

I’ve seen that expression on the faces of Publishers Clearing House winners when they receive the Big Sweepstakes Check – worth thousands or millions of dollars – and a bottle of “vintage Prize Patrol champagne.”

But recently someone told me she’d rather have a fancy box of Godiva chocolates.  That way she could savor “how sweet it is” with a bite a day for weeks.  She may have a point.

Others are overcome by the bouquets of long-stemmed American Beauty roses.  Some have exclaimed, “Roses!  I haven’t gotten roses since I turned sixteen.”  Others have said, “Oh my, I’ve never received roses like this!”

How about you?  We always enjoy reading your comments in response to our PCH Blogs.

It goes without saying that the first thing you’d like us to deliver is — ta-dah – The Big Sweepstakes Check!  But what else would you like?  Champagne?  Chocolates?  Beer?  A plant?  Mistletoe?  A gift card for the movies or Starbucks?  A favorite title from our “magazine store”?   It may sound silly, but let us hear from you.

Of course there’s no point in telling us what you’d like if you are not “in the game.”  You’ve got to be in to win it!  So enter the fabulous Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes right now by clicking on this link to  You have nothing to lose — and possibly millions to gain (plus a few pounds if you ask for a huge box of candy).

Wishing you all the best,

Dave Sayer

Executive Director


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