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Waiting For A Sweepstakes Prize and Goodies From Santa

I recall from my childhood those long days leading up to Christmas, wondering what Santa would bring, lying awake on Christmas Eve listening for reindeer hooves on the roof or sounds of presents being placed under the tree. (Did you – like I did – creep out of bed in the middle of the night because you thought you heard some irresistible noises emanating from the living room?)

The problem with that infernal waiting was there was absolutely nothing you could do about it except worry about whether you had been “naughty or nice.”

Well, at Publishers Clearing House we have another season of fabulous sweepstakes prizes coming up – and there IS something you can do about it EVEN NOW – without waiting for PCH bulletins to arrive in the mailbox or for our TV commercials to appear announcing that a humongous SuperPrize is on the way.

You can get started entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today and every day. Whether you’ve been “good or bad” it hardly matters. You can simply click on over to, ENTER, and get a head start on everybody else! It’s kind of like getting to the mall early and buying the hottest gifts of the year before the stores are out of stock. And remember: our rules allow you to enter our contests every day, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Picture this: Around New Year’s Day some friends may tell you they just saw a PCH TV ad and decided to “give it a try” and enter the sweepstakes. You can say “That’s nice.” You can even wish them “Good luck” knowing that you are already many entries ahead of them — with multiple sweepstakes entries already “in the pot.”

Just think of what you could do with a huge sack of money from PCH: buy a new home, travel the world over, buy a new car or two (or three!), pay education expenses for yourself, your children or grandchildren, donate generously to charities, be set for life!

So start a new year’s resolution today by clicking here on this link to Enter today and every day — and maybe we’ll knock on your door with a big sweepstakes prize and say “You’re PCH’s newest millionaire!”

Good luck!

Dave Sayer Executive Director PCH Prize Patrol

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