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PCH Blog Followers – What Do YOU Want To Know?

Being the newest member of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, I am honored and excited to get to know the wonderful people out there who follow and support the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  PCH fans follow and contact us through facebook, discussion boards, letters, and of course through this wonderful PCH blog.  Blog follower’s responses give great insight into a person’s personality, interests, questions, wants, needs, hobbies, etc.  I find it extremely rewarding knowing that there are wonderful people out there who support our company and have truly become our internet friends.

Following each exciting Prize Patrol trip where I deliver BIG checks to lucky PCH Sweepstakes winners, I come home (or get a head start at the airport) and write a blog post sharing all the exciting and interesting facts of the big winning moment.  People always want to know details like, did we get lost finding the winners house?  Were there any funny stories through our travels? And of course everyone wants us to explain the reactions of our winners when they opened their door to the PCH Prize Patrol with that BIG check and balloons!  I look forward to sharing each unique and exciting sweepstakes winning moment with the PCH blog community.

Since (unfortunately) winning moments don’t happen every day, I came to thinking about what else our blog followers want to hear about in the meantime.  But why guess what you are interested in…I figured, I’ll just ask!  So I am here to ask you – what do YOU want to know about Publishers Clearing House?  So my future blogs are in your hands!  I look forward to hearing your feedback . Thank you everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol!

PS:  A special thanks to everyone for welcoming me with open arms, kind words, and many “hellos”.

~Danielle Lam – PCH Prize Patrol

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