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PCH Winner Donna Miner Exclusive

Most PCH winners are speechless. Everyone has made the comment “I thought it was fake!”

This quote belongs to March 2011 PCH Winner, Donna Miner.  An official PCH Winner of $10,000 from Orlando, FL, Donna has seen the PCH Prize Patrol deliver the signature oversized check to other people on TV, but much like others, never thought it would happen to her.

As she was getting ready to go to work at Joanne’s fabric store, she was caught in her pajamas and proclaimed a PCH Winner right then and there. One of Donna’s 9 children, Danny came over to share in her winning moment. He says the new PCH Winner has constantly urged him to enter Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes for a while. But that winning moment with Dave Sayer, he says, finally “Made me a believer.”

After the prize was awarded, Donna M. the PCH Winner told us, like most of you who are reading; “We all hope, but never really think it will happen”. This Publishers Clearing House Winner certainly admits that everyone has their moments of doubt. Even after she saw the giant check and camera crew outside she remembered “I thought I must be dreaming.”

Finally, the PCH Winner mentioned throughout her PCH Winning Moment how her whole central air conditioning system broke. She elaborated to us that to “replace the central air system in my house, it cost $4200 to replace. I could not have replaced it without my winning Publishers Clearing House – thank you so much.”

I think it’s significant that a PCH Winner along with one of her family members expressed how skeptical they were until they actually won. It also shows how many people have similar attitudes about Publishers Clearing House. Coming from a Publishers Clearing House Winner from so recently, it may make you think how similar PCH Winners are to everyday people like you.

The “Prize” Queen

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