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PCH Sweepstakes Winner Gains Money – The Prize Patrol Gains Friends

Experiencing a PCH Winning Moment is not only exciting for the Prize Patrol and the sweepstakes winner, but it is also very emotional.  Within minutes, complete strangers become friends that have shared a unique memory and special bond.  One of these bonds I have experienced was with Jeff Jones – the $100,000 Halloween PCH Sweepstakes winner from 2010. The minute I met Jeff and his fiancé Jinji, I knew we would keep in contact and remain friends.  His heartwarming story of strength and survival was extremely moving and I knew I had met a truly special person.  (You can read more about Jeff in this blog story:

Many of the PCH Facebook and PCH Blog followers were touched by Jeff’s story and have asked for more information on his amazing PCH winning moment. Luckily, my friends Jeff and Jinji were not only willing to answer, but very excited… 

# How did you feel when you opened the door and saw the Prize Patrol and camera crew?

Shocked! We didn’t believe it was real. We felt like we were being “punked”! We were both sleeping when you came knocking on our door and we don’t like answering the door. Good thing you guys were persistent with knocking on our door and ringing our doorbell. It was a great surprise to wake up to!

# Did you ever think you would actually win the PCH Sweepstakes?

YES!  Jeff’s mother’s birthday is in October. She went to a psychic the end of October in ’09 for her birthday. The psychic told her Jeff was going to come into some money. And look…a year later he wins the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

# What was the first thing you did once the Prize Patrol left your house? 

We drove right to our bank to deposit the check because they were closing for the day.

# What was the first thing you spent the money on?

Jeff has a friend that has a wife and two little girls. They have been through alot and don’t have much. So, Jeff bought them a new living room set that came with a 60″ TV, TV stand, coffee table, and end tables. And because the girls don’t have many friends to play with in their area, Jeff also bought them a Wii game console with all the accessories, so they always have something to do. 

Even though we only rent the house we live in, he started using his money to make improvements on our home (mainly stuff that was for safety). And he’ll add some fencing to our backyard so the dogs can run out there without supervision.

Jeff also went on a road trip to Florida to visit friends and now we are planning a trip to Ireland for next year!

# What did you do with the big cardboard check?

The cardboard check is in our spare bedroom for right now. We will eventually have it framed and display it in our dining room.

# Did the bank believe you when you showed up with a check from Publishers Clearing House?  What were their reactions?

At first, the bank didn’t believe the check was real but since I used to work there, they took my word for it. After that they were very excited for us. They know how much Jeff and I have been through since his accident.

# Do you still enter the PCH sweepstakes since you are still eligible to win?

Jeff still enters the PCH sweepstakes and now I do too, even though he always tells me I won’t win. But you never know! 

I hope you all have enjoyed hearing more about this PCH Sweepstakes winner as much as I have.  It was such a pleasure catching up with my friends Jeff and Jinji and I truly thank them for taking the time to share their story.  We are so excited that they are STILL entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes in hopes of winning…AGAIN!

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