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The Clock is Ticking for Something Super

The clock is ticking as we count down to two super deadlines: the government’s super committee and the PCH Super Prize!


The clock is ticking as we count down to two super deadlines.

The nation’s leaders and economists are anxiously watching to see what the congressional bipartisan “Super Committee” established during last summer’s deficit debate will come up with in federal budget cuts by their November 23 deadline.  Their target is $1.2 trillion and the clock is ticking.  Phew — that’s really putting the pressure on!

But now I’m going to put some pressure on YOU, a “super committee of one” – because to win the biggest lifetime SuperPrize in Publishers Clearing House history, YOU have to enter the PCH Sweepstakes by November 18, five days earlier than the congressional Super Committee’s deadline.

We PCH Prize Patrol’ers just can’t wait to award our next SuperPrize, so we are ending Giveaway 1400 months earlier than originally planned.  That means “super money” sooner for the winner – AND that winner could be YOU.

Talk about deficit reduction: I’ll bet that this SuperPrize will take care of just about any debts you are carrying.  No wonder we have labeled this historic SuperPrize the MEGA PRIZE.  It includes two parts: (1) a Big Check for $1 Million to be awarded on November 30, PLUS (2) the follow-up promise of $5000 a week for life!

Remember, the clock is ticking; so don’t waste a minute.  Click here on this link to and ENTER the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at once.   And don’t forget to return to every day between now and the November 18 deadline for more chances to enter and win.

This fabulous Mega Prize is GUARANTEED to be delivered by the PCH Prize Patrol on November 30, and the winner will be announced that night on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.  Watch it on TV – and with luck maybe that lucky winner will be YOU!

All the best,


Dave Sayer

PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador


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