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One Week ‘Til Mega Prize!

It’s Wednesday, November 23rd … do you know what that means? There’s just ONE WEEK left until the Prize Patrol personally delivers the Mega Prize to a lucky winner!

As you might expect, a lot of people are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the award goes off without a hitch!  I thought you readers might be interested in what the world-famous Prize Patrol Elite does to prepare for the Big Day!  I’m so glad I was able to catch up with them!

Todd Sloane ―”Hi friends of PCH. Right now there are many things to do to get ready for the big day. Here’s what I’m working on:

1. I just informed our Art Studio how the prize should be featured on the big check. It will say “$1 Million plus $5,000 A Week For Life.

2. I’m also preparing the TV commercial that will announce the winners name when it airs on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams next week. Everything is all set — we just need to fill in the name of the winner!

3. Finally, I have a meeting with our Tech Services department to make sure my laptop is all fired up and working correctly so we can transmit the winning moment back to PCH headquarters as soon as it happens.

Lot’s going on, and plenty more to do. Good luck!”

Dave Sayer ― “While my new Prize Patrol wheelie-suitcase has already been broken-in on several prize deliveries, it hasn’t yet been to a SuperPrize destination ― no less a Mega Prize winner’s location.  I like that this suitcase has plenty of room for warm weather clothes or cold weather clothes ― after all, we never know where we are going.  The winner could live someplace balmy like Florida or Southern California or Hawaii (yeah!!) or chilly like the northern plains or Alaska (gorgeous but a bit nippy in November).  While we pull our wheelies through airports and down the aisle to our jetliner seats, everyone sees the big, bright yellow Prize Patrol logo and gets all excited.   “Are you coming to my house?” they cry.  “Oh my gosh, I never thought you guys were real!”

Of course I’ll be bringing my Garmin.  With a GPS we no longer have to buy a local road atlas for the winner’s town to see find the florist where we’ve pre-ordered the roses, our hotel and (tah-dah!!) the winner’s front door.  Could it be YOURS?”

Danielle Lam“Wow! It’s almost November 30th! I can’t wait to award the Mega Prize to the lucky winner! Once I find out where we’re headed, I’ll make all the necessary travel arrangements. Before a big award I always dry clean my Prize Patrol uniform and make sure my bag is packed with the following: (top secret) winner information, directions , and DEFINITELY  phone chargers to make sure I can keep my Fan page updated and keep our PCH Fans updated on all the excitement!  Oh, and how could I forget ― I never hit the road without my lucky Prize Patrol shoes.”

Oh yes, things are quite busy here in Publishers Clearing House‘s Port Washington Headquarters! I was hoping to bring you an update from Maryann Carter, who is responsible for ensuring that all proper protocols are followed regarding the winner selection, but she has her hands full, “I’d love to talk with you, but right now I am so swamped making sure everything goes just right for the November 30th Mega Prize award,” she exclaimed!  Don’t worry, we’ll catch up with Maryann soon!

Well, there you have it! With just one week to go until the Big Award, we’re all breathless with excitement!  Will Todd, Dave and Danielle knock on YOUR door? If you see Danielle, make sure you check out her lucky shoes!

Best Wishes,

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

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