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Watch the Dog Fashion Show Live Event Tonight on Facebook!

The wait is over folks! The New Yorkie Runway is TONIGHT, and we at PCH couldn’t be more excited to be sponsoring this “pawsome” dog fashion show! One of the most exciting parts is that all of you can get in on the fun! That’s right, we’ll be streaming video from the LIVE event on our PCH Facebook Fan Page throughout the evening. Even if you’re watching from home, it’ll be like you’re right there with the Prize Patrol and the dozens of adorable pooches!

As you know, our very own Danielle Lam, Senior Prize Patrol Elite Member, will be walking the runway. And she’ll have a very special guest with her — her adorable Shish Tzu/Cairn Terrier Grizzly! I sat down with Danielle to get all the doggie dish.

Amanda: So tell me, how are you feeling about the upcoming dog fashion show?

Danielle: Honestly, I have to say, I’m a bit nervous! Normally, I’m so relaxed, but with this being a live event streamed on our Facebook Fan Page for all our fans to see, it’s a totally different ball game. Anything can happen during a live event – especially when you’re walking with a dog!

Amanda: True, but you must have walked a catwalk or two in your day…

Danielle: Yeah, but never a dogwalk!

Amanda: Does that mean you’re doing something special to prepare for the live event?

Danielle: Haven’t you seen me practicing up and down the hallways at PCH?

Amanda: What about Grizzly, your adorable Shish Tzu/Cairn Terrier…has he been practicing, too?

Danielle: Actually, yes! When I heard there was going to be loud music during the show, I decided to start playing some for him to get him used to the sound.

Amanda: Does Grizzly have a favorite song?

Danielle: “Celebration,” of course — the new song in our Prize Patrol commercials! I’ve been blasting it on repeat for him.

Amanda: Too cute! Is this Grizzly’s first time modeling?

Danielle: No, he’s actually modeled for PCH before! You may know him from his doggie t-shirt ads…

Amanda: I knew he looked familiar! Rumor has it that Grizzly had an outfit custom-made for the dog fashion show. Can you give me any details?

Danielle: All I’m going to say is that he’ll fit right in with the Prize Patrol. You’ll have go to our PCH Facebook Fan Page and watch the live event to find out the rest!

Amanda: Last question. How did you break the news to Shelby, your brand-new Shih Tzu/Brussels Griffon? Was there any jealousy there?

Danielle: She whined a teeny bit, but I gave her a biscuit and she got over it real fast.

There we have it folks! So tell me, who is going to tune into the live event TONIGHT to watch Danielle and her adorable Prize Patrol pooch? Remember, just go to our Facebook Fan Page at 7:00 PM EST. I don’t want to let the dog out of the bag, but there are sure to be plenty of fun surprises!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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