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Behind The Scenes With The Prize Patrol Member You Don’t See

He’s the big check guy and the Prize Patrol “member” our SuperPrize winners don’t see — but no winning moment would be the same without him!

Michael Carrozzo. It’s not a name you know like Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane, or Danielle Lam, but that’s about to change. We’re giving you a behind the scenes look at the man responsible for one of the most important parts of the Prize Patrol winning moment: the Big Check. Here’s my exclusive interview with him.

Amanda: So who is Michael Carrozzo?

Michael: I’m the Big Check guy. The secret “member” of the Prize Patrol.  Like the “fifth Beatle”. But I’m tired of being behind the scenes, it’s about time PCH fans got to know — and love — me!

Amanda: Do people always tell you that you have the coolest job in the world?

Michael: Yes, because I really do! And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked for Big Checks. Sorry guys, they’re for our SuperPrize winners only!

Amanda: But you have another important job here at PCH…

Michael: That’s right, I’m the Production Studio Manager. That means I’m in charge of making sure the art files for the packages we send out in the mail release to the printers on time and correctly.

Amanda: How many years have you been at PCH?

Michael: Do I really have to say? This month was my 32nd (gasp!) anniversary! I started in Grammar School! LOL!

Amanda: Wow, congratulations! Now back to the good stuff: your Big Check duties. How long have you been making the Big Checks behind the scenes?

Michael: Over 20 years!

Amanda: And how many have you made in that time?

Michael: It has to be hundreds…no thousands! I make them for the big SuperPrize, and the smaller prizes too.

Amanda: Tell me…are the checks for the really big prizes more fun?

Michael: All checks are equal to me!

Amanda: Really? You’re telling me the bigger prizes don’t have a slight edge?

Michael: Okay, okay, of course they do!

Amanda: So for the February 29th prize, are you crossing your fingers that you’ll get to write in “$1 Million A Year For Life” on the Big Check? As you know, our upcoming prize award event is a special early look, so if an eligible matching winning number is not returned, we will hold a second chance random drawing and the Prize Patrol will award a $1 Million SuperPrize instead.

Michael: I can’t believe that some people throw out their SuperPrize Numbers, but it has happened before.  If an eligible, matching winning number is not returned, I’ll be prepared to write $1 Million instead of $1 Million A Year For Life.  My fingers are crossed on both hands because, I know, whatever the amount, it’s a life-changing prize and the Big Check will make someone very happy!

Amanda: How soon in advance of the delivery will you find out the prize amount…and the winner’s name?

Michael: Usually only a day or two before! I still don’t know who — or how much — it’s going to be for the February 29th SuperPrize!

Amanda: Besides the Big Check, what other Prize Patrol props are you in charge of?

Michael: The van signs, champagne labels, and tags for the Prize Patrol’s luggage. Just about everything!

So fans, did you enjoy going behind the scenes with our secret Prize Patrol “member,” Michael? Well that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Michael has loads more to share, including how he makes the Big Checks, and I’m sharing it with you right here on Monday. It’s definitely worth “checking” out!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative


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