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A Behind The Scenes Look At How Big Checks Are Made!

Go behind the scenes with PCH’s Big Check guy and see the top-secret process of how Big Checks are made.

On Friday, you went behind the scenes to meet the Big Check guy, Michael Carrozzo. But what you didn’t hear yet is how he gets the job done. Check out the video below to see him in action, then read on for a step-by-step guide of how the Big Checks come to be!


Amanda: So does the magic happen here? Are the Big Checks made at PCH Headquarters?

Michael: Yes, it’s all been done here at PCH for over 10 years now! When I first started making the Big Checks, “in the old days” over 20 years ago, we had to use an outside vendor because we didn’t have a printer big enough here at sweepstakes headquarters in Port Washington. But now we do, and I love doing them here. It helps keep the Sweepstakes winner identity “top secret”.

Amanda: Give me the complete rundown. What’s the first step in making the Big Check?

Michael: Ordering the supplies! For every check you need a white foam board, plus special, extra-large printing paper with an adhesive back.

Amanda: Then what?

Michael: Then I update the check on the computer by filling in the prize amount and the winner’s name.

Amanda: So what did you fill in for the February 29th SuperPrize?

Michael: Nice try! You’ll have to wait to find out like everyone else who the winner will be and whether it will be written for $1 Million A Year For Life or the second chance amount of  $1,000,000.00 if an eligible matching winning number is not returned.

Amanda: OK, fine! But keep going with the behind the scenes info. What’s next?

Michael: The printing and mounting! Once the check is printed on the special paper with adhesive back, I peel and mount it to the white board.

Amanda: Do you work alone?

Michael: No, since it’s so large, it’s difficult to handle alone so I enlist a helper for laying down the label. But you can be sure he’s sworn-to-secrecy!

Amanda: Top secret, I love it! What’s next?

Michael: The cutting! Once it’s mounted, I trim it to Big Check size. And of course, no check would be complete without Deborah Holland’s signature!

Amanda: How long does the whole Big Check process take?

Michael: No more than 30 minutes — but I like to think the happiness lasts a lifetime!

Amanda: Thanks for the top secret behind the scenes info! Now that we’re friends, do you think you can get Big Checks for me?

Michael: C’mon! I already told you… they’re for the Sweepstakes winner only!

There you have it folks! A complete behind the scenes look at how it’s done! All this Big Check talk makes me even more excited to see it on February 29th! Whose name will be on it? And will it be written for $1 Million A Year For Life or $1 Million? All will be revealed in just 2 days! Until then, you can enter to win lots of other prizes at!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative


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