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Don’t Get Fooled By Sweepstakes Scammers!

It’s almost April Fool’s Day. Time for some to think about playing and avoiding pranks.

Some pranks are innocent and in good fun. Then there are the pranks that are literally CRIMINAL … like those crooks who pose as legitimate sweepstakes officials in an attempt to rob trusting people of their hard earned money.

The Tools Of The Trade For Scam Artists!

Just like robbers use tools like guns and knives, scam artists use tools like the telephone, email and Facebook to try and steal money from good folks like you. But even though these criminals use different tools, those posing as legitimate sweepstakes really only have one story to trick people: send us your money or valuable information to enter, win or claim a prize. The request is supported by a bogus reason such as prepayment of taxes, customs fees, transfer costs or any one of a number of false representations.

That Story is A LIE!

All legitimate sweepstakes are FREE TO ENTER, PLAY and WIN. That’s right. The one simple rule is that you never have to pay a fee or provide any money to enter, win or receive a prize that you have won from a legitimate sweepstakes.


If you enjoy REAL sweepstakes opportunities like the ones provided by Publishers Clearing House and PCHSearch, remember this GOLDEN RULE: No purchase or payment necessary to enter or win ! Let me say that again, because it’s that important: You never have to pay to enter, play, win or collect a prize from Publishers Clearing House or any legitimate sweepstakes.

You Know Someone Is A CRIMINAL If They:

  • Say you are a sweepstakes winner, but you don’t remember entering
  • Ask you to wire money or pay any fee to process or collect your prize
  • Ask for personal information, like your Social Security number or bank account number to process your prize

If you think someone is trying to scam you, take these simple steps:

  • Stop! Don’t provide a potential scammer with any money or information
  • Report the scam to your local consumer protection office.
  • Visit our PCH customer relationship center to get more useful information on protecting yourself from fraud (here’s the link

Publishers Clearing House Wants Your Sweepstakes Experience To Be Fun And Rewarding!

We want your sweepstakes experience to be enjoyable. Remember the tips above to protect yourself from scammers.

As always we invite you to visit, PCHSearch and PCHgames often to get as many exciting opportunities to win as possible where entry and winning is ALWAYS FREE!

Best wishes,

Elliott M.

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