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Prize Patrol’ers Danielle, Todd and I are delighted to introduce to you our newest Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner:  Tari Woods of Colorado!

Although we’ve made million dollar dreams come true and awarded big cash prizes to many Coloradans over the years, the Prize Patrol had not been to Tari’s part of the state – east of Durango, with gorgeous views of the San Juan Mountains, a range in the mighty Rockies.  Hot springs and a perfect climate (warm days, cool nights) further explain why Tari and many of her close friends have chosen this place to settle down – forever!

When we arrived at Tari’s address on May 31, she was not home.  But a friend drove up and told us that she could probably locate our SuperPrize winner with a cell-phone call.  Sure enough: Tari was nearby in a supermarket check-out line.  With that knowledge we parked out-of-sight around the corner so Tari wouldn’t see the Prize Patrol van full of balloons, roses and video-camera when she returned home.  We didn’t have to wait more than five minutes.  As soon as Tari got her groceries inside, we drove up, jumped out and knocked – with the Big Check in hand.

You can see the “winning moment” at and Facebook. You can also read the local newspaper’s coverage at

Tari may not have been the most excited winner I’ve seen in my Prize Patrol history – mainly because she was stunned and speechless (uncharacteristically she said). But she and friend Tim were thrilled beyond words.  Neighbors quickly gathered, and phone calls were made to Tari’s sons who didn’t believe her at first.  But, realizing that the million dollar news was “for real,” they called back with advice for mom.

Tari hardly needs advice. She is a talented, savvy woman with a medical business background.  Retired from that, she now runs a catering business, providing residents with mouth-watering “cowboy” food and helping local causes raise money.  On the side, she is an animal lover who takes in pets needing “baby sitting” into her “pooch hooch”.

On a coffee table in Tari’s living room rests a plaque that read “Dreams do come true.”  It reminded us of our musical ad theme, “Publishers Clearing House, the house where dreams come true.”   They surely do!   Congratulations to our SuperPrize winner Tari!  We wish you all the best!

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Good luck!

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador




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  1. Wonderful, a Colorado winner! Hoping there’s another soon– one said retired farmer living on the plains side of the state. It’s time. TIME, REALLY time, WELL-DESERVED and, we’ll…ripe as zucchini against the garage and RED as red-faced tomatoes, embarrassingly bright red cheeked from all the neighbors coming to see what all the fuss and balloons are about. We’ll give you a taste. Come and see! It’s just a few miles out of town. Come while one of the few rare family farmers still lives on the farm dwelling with a big red barn.