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Happy Father’s Day from PCHLotto!

“Mandy, get down here, I have something for you”. I’ve heard my dad yell these 9 special words to me from the bottom of the stairs hundreds of times. And the something waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs is always the same thing: scratch off tickets…my favorite!

My dad’s been buying them for me for years — it’s our special thing. I’m never sure when he’s going to bring them home from the store, but when he does, I’m just so excited!

I have the best Daddy…and he really deserves the best on Father’s Day, but it’s always so hard to think of a good present for him. Like many fathers out there, he always says he wants nothing. Or socks. How boring.

Usually, to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, I end up buying him a bunch of scratch offs. But this year, when I heard about the special Father’s Day event card at PCHLotto, it hit me: that is the perfect present! I mean, my dad would LOVE PCHLotto. It has all the fun of scratch off tickets, and it’s free to play!

So at the beginning of the month, I introduced him to the site, and boy was I right. He loves it! Do I know my daddy or what? I wonder if this counts as a Happy Father’s Day present…what do you guys think? No? C’MON! I’m telling you…he loves it! Seriously, he’s been playing the PCHLotto Father’s Day event card a ton, hoping to win the big $700.00 CASH. I haven’t had the heart to tell him he can’t win since he’s related to me and I work for Publishers Clearing House…sorry Dad! It’s the thought that counts though, right? And you know…I bet even if he knew he couldn’t win, he’d still play every day. It’s just so much fun!

So what about you fans out there? Do you ever get scratch off tickets for your dad, your granddad or the guy in your life? If so, this year, I’m telling you: go with PCHLotto! There’s still two days left to play the Father’s Day event card – and he could win $700.00 cash! I say it’s the best Father’s Day present — certainly better than socks. And it’s totally free!

To all the fathers, grandfathers and special guys out there, Happy Father’s Day from PCHLotto and Publishers Clearing House!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative

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