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Fall TV Is Back! What Are YOU Watching?

Kids are back to school… sweaters are coming out of their drawers…summer, I’m afraid, is over. This Saturday is the first day of fall, and while a lot of you out there might be a little down in the dumps about this, I, for one, am excited! Fall is, hands down, my FAVORITE season. Blame it on the apples. Blame it on the dark nail polish. Blame it on the tall boots I just love to love. But I am a sucker for fall.

Probably one of the biggest reasons I have “fallen” for fall is because it means the return of Fall TV. I know, I know, call me a couch potato, but I’ll be the first one to admit I’m obsessed with the big black box. And while there are certainly some awesome shows to watch over the summer, it’s not nearly as impressive as the TV lineup in fall.

Do you agree? What are YOU watching this fall? Here’s my weeknight schedule…

Monday: 90210, Gossip Girl, Smash AND Dancing With The Stars (BUSY night!)

Tuesday: The Voice

Wednesday: The X Factor

Thursday: Glee

Friday: NOTHING! (Hey, a girl’s got to go out sometime!)

I mean if that doesn’t make a girl want to start popping some popcorn and get comfy on the sofa, I don’t know what does!

But did you guys notice something about my list? All of my favorite shows (and when you think about it, most shows on TV) are either about:

1)     The lives of the fabulously rich…


2)     People making their dreams come true.

Interesting, right? Well my thing is…why watch it when you can live it? In other words…why watch shows about people who are rich and making their dreams come true, when you could actually make it happen for yourself?

As an employee of Publishers Clearing House, I have every reason to be a couch potato — I can’t win! But YOU CAN!! So turn off that tube and get entering now at! Then who knows…maybe one day you can watch your winning moment on the best “TV” there is — PCHTV!

Amanda C.

Amanda C., PCH Creative

PCH Creative

P.S. I’m so curious to know if we watch any of the same shows! Comment below and let me know: what are you watching on TV this fall?

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