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Prize Patrol Awards Gerard Rivera PCHlotto $1.25 Million Jackpot

Having worked at PCH for nearly a year, my ultimate dream was to join the Prize Patrol on the road for a prize delivery. So, naturally, when I was asked just earlier this week if I wanted to help deliver the GIGANTIC $1.25 Million PCHlotto jackpot, I answered with an exuberant “yes!” and spent the rest of the day trying to imagine how cool an experience it would be.

Generally, 12/12/12 is a difficult date to forget — and that is especially true for our big winner, Gerard Rivera.  Gerard, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (which just so happens to be where I went to college!), had planned on accompanying his wife to the store that day to purchase her father a gift. He decided, instead, to stay home.



“I had a feeling you were coming,” he joked. Just goes to show you: intuition is a VERY powerful thing!

It only took a couple knocks to conjure Gerard to his front door, and the look on his face was one of sheer joy as he approached the Big Check upon which his name was emblazoned.

“It’s you! Oh, I’ve been waiting for you for so long,” he said as he smiled widely, “I play every day — I swear I knew it was coming!”

Gerard’s neighbors applauded and looked on excitedly as his wife sauntered into his arms after returning from her shopping trip. Their embrace was certainly poignant — and while they did not exchange any words, the sentimentality said it all.

As it turns out, the money couldn’t have come at a better time for Gerard and his family. After having to quit his job as a nurse due to illness, Gerard admitted that he had “lost everything” — luckily, our visit successfully restored his faith that he and his wife, and their two young daughters, could live peacefully without worry.

Gerard told Dave Sayer over the next phone the other day that “he didn’t sleep well last night, but that was a small price to pay.” He also said his family was thrilled, and that he may visit some family in Florida to celebrate.

And as for me, I left Gerard’s Philadelphia apartment with perhaps an even bigger grin — what an extraordinary experience to be a part of changing someone’s life for the better!

Best of luck,

Jussie Wilder

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