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Good Luck Comes To Real Publishers Clearing House Winner Gary Hazelwood!

Gary Hazelwood never thought he had luck on his side until he became a real Publishers Clearing House winner!



Just a few days ago, I embarked on a trip to the west coast to deliver not one, but two $10,000 Publishers Clearing House prizes. One of those prizes went to Gary Hazelwood of Bakersfield, California.

I have to say – at the beginning of the trip, it seemed like luck was not on our side. We were flying from Seattle to California, and due to a late flight, missed our connecting flight to Bakersfield. (Don’t you hate when that happens?) Then, once we finally arrived in California, our van had a faulty key! It was so late by the time we got in that we couldn’t even go to the florist to pick up balloons and flowers because they had already closed!

But as you all know, NOTHING will stop us from delivering prizes to our winners! And even though there were a few bumps along the way, there was one plus to arriving so late. You see, delivering prizes at night increases the likelihood of the winner being home. And guess what? Gary WAS home when we finally pulled up to his home!

He had actually been waiting for a friend to come over, so when he opened the door, Gary expected to see his friend waiting on the other side – not the Prize Patrol with a Big Check! Even though we weren’t invited guests, Gary happily welcomed us inside. The $10,000 prize was more than a pleasant surprise because it came during a particularly hard week. Gary’s wife had just had surgery. Our visit was a great mood booster during a difficult time.

Gary told us a funny story about his past experiences with “winning” – the company he used to work for held lots of internal contests and giveaways. A coworker believed Gary to be lucky and asked him to touch every entry that he submitted for good luck. And guess what? Every entry that Gary touched actually DID win his coworker a prize. But poor Gary never got to reap the benefits of his own supposed good luck…. That is, until now. We joked that winning $10,000 from Publishers Clearing House more than made up for all the lost small company prizes.


So as you can see, good things sure come to those who wait! Keep entering  and who knows, maybe the good luck will come to YOU next and you’ll become a real Publishers Clearing House winner!


Laura At PCH

Laura @ PCH

P.S. Want to hear how our other $10,000.00 prize went? Keep checking our Play&Win blog — the full prize recap will be posted there very soon!





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