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PCH Motivational Monday: Don’t Lose Hope! More Prizes Ahead!

Hi everyone!

It’s Danielle! I just want to thank EACH AND EVERY one of you for your participation in our February 28th SuperPrize Event! Whether you entered at, followed the clues on my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page, wrote a comment here on the blog, or better yet, did all of the above, we REALLY appreciate it! I absolutely LOVED reading through all of your comments. It was so nice to hear all of your stories… and it warmed my heart to see how happy you were for Elise Gutierrez on her big win! PCH fans really are THE BEST!

I also want to tell you that if you weren’t the lucky winner this time, don’t lose hope! I saw that a few of you were disappointed, but there’s no reason to be. In fact, there’s LOTS more reasons to be excited for what’s ahead! Watch my video below…


It’s true! In addition to the big SuperPrizes ahead in 2013, I’ll also be hitting the road very soon for the $10,000.00 St. Patrick’s Day Prize! Plus, at the end of the month, we’re having Prize Week, and you can enter to win up until March 18th on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook!

So fans, please don’t lose hope! There’s LOTS more prizes ahead, and they could be won by YOU!


Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol

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