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Wondering How to File Your Taxes? PCHTips Makes Taxes Less Taxing!


Make way for Tax Day, blog readers — April 15th is coming up fast, so it’s time for most of us to roll up our sleeves and really crunch those numbers!  But before you spend hours trying to figure out how to file your taxes, let me help put the fun back into the FUNdamentals of tax time with easy-to-follow tax information from PCHTips!

Just for the record, before I saw these fascinating facts from PCHTips, I personally didn’t know a 1040 form from a hole in the wall.  Now I feel like at tax guru, and all it took was a quick read of these two PCHTips articles:

What Are the Most Common Tax Forms


Are You Ready for Tax Season

They answered all the questions I had about how to file your taxes with tax information I could really use — like that a 1040 form is where I should fill in my income and make note of my adorable little tax deduction — I mean daughter.  Plus, I found out that if I file online, I should do it early because it could take time for the IRS to acknowledge receipt!

What a way to make taxes less taxing – having all the facts wrapped up in amazing PCHTips articles really makes it easy!  They put the fun back into learning how to file your taxes with all the information you need right at your fingertips!

But the fun doesn’t stop there, folks!

PCHTips has information you can use all year long to make Tax Day — and every day — less hectic like “How to Balance a Checkbook”, “Tips for Saving Money” and tips I know I’ll use if I get a refund and can treat myself this year — “How to Save Money at the Salon”!

So for all the seasons — winter, spring, summer, fall, baseball season, football season, basketball season, swimsuit season and, of course, Tax Season, PCHTips has the facts you need!  And remember, you can become a fan of PCHTips on Facebook or follow on Twitter for up-to-the-minute tips, too!

Now that I think about it, for you, the only thing better than learning about how to file your taxes with PCHTips would be winning the big PCH Superprize— because with all that money, you could definitely afford to hire an Accountant (or a whole team of Accountants if you wanted to!) … But for now …

Happy Filing,

Laurel U.

PCH Creative

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