Prize Patrol Awards $10,000 In Beaumont, Texas!

On Wednesday, May 1st, Flenoy Thompson was mowing the lawn for his parents in Beaumont, TX. Around the corner from their home, he had noticed an odd scene – a strange crew filming something in front of a van.

It wasn’t until that same crew started walking up the driveway of his parents home that he realized what was happening. Overcome with emotion, Flenoy ran into the house to alert his parents of what was coming their way.

When Gilbert Serf Jr. stepped out to see what the commotion was, he recognized the crew right away – it was the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol! Immediately, Gilbert began thanking God for his $10,000 prize. I asked God for something good this morning and this definitely counts.”

The winning moment soon became a family affair – Gilbert’s wife Naomi joined the group while Flenoy, still exclaiming “NO! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!”, phoned his siblings. The Serfs have six children, and Flenoy was able to convince two of his sisters to drop what they were doing and head over.

Prize Patrol in Beaumont, Texas

Galesha, one of Gilbert’s daughters, works at a local bank and when she received the exciting phone call, she didn’t waste any time jumping up and running out of her office without much of an explanation to her coworkers. All three present children agreed that their parents are incredibly deserving of every penny of that $10,000 prize.

Although Gilbert actively enters and enjoys everything that PCH has to offer, he wasn’t so sure he would ever receive that coveted knock on the door. “I said I probably wouldn’t win for a million years… well a million years must have passed because here you are!”

Gilbert Serf Jr

The local news even captured the winning moment and Gilbert’s happy story:

KDFM coverage Channel 6 coverage

Gilbert repeatedly thanked the Prize Patrol for being so kind and bringing him the prize but hey, that’s our job! If you enter, you have a chance to win – and if you are the lucky winner, we are happy to come surprise you!

So be sure YOU enter today!

Laura At PCH

Laura Wolfe

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  1. I really liked this story because of the families reaction. It’s always nice when the person who wins is very appreciative and thankful. If I won from pch I would be like this. I would be so grateful I would cry and maybe even scream, I’d give everyone a hug and my daughter Carina would be sooo cute copying what mommy is doing. Personally DREAMING about the million plus 5000 a week for life on June 30th, I haven’t missed a entry yet and I don’t plan too. I was talking to my boyfriend today about winning and how I would travel everywhere and have all the things I never did growing up with a negligent mother and then foster care the rest of my childhood. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to start out with literally nothing and no parents to help or guide. I’ve got somewhere though and I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish by myself for both my 2 yr old daughter and I. Honestly though PCH I can’t tell you how extremely helpful it would be just even to get a boost of your help from your money so I can have a house and live in at least a middle class standard. That’s all I dream of because Ive never had it. I don’t need to be rich but I would absolutely love to live above poverty level. That being said I’m so glad PCH even exist, and if i never win (hopefully i do) then at least I’ve always had the dream 🙂

  2. i am pregnant 9 months and i am so tired, but i believe in PCH so much that i play everyday to the maximum because i know someday i will win and i hope i will win on June 30th while i am at home with my baby and i hope i can still play till through my pregnancy..anyway it is in GOD will.

  3. i enter everyday and play with passion and praise too. Hopefully someday i will win from you guys and that day will be my luckiest day ever.

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