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Advice from PCH’s Prize Patrol Ambassador Abroad

I was recently out of the country enjoying the attractions and customs of a foreign land.  I had the occasion to be with a large group of American tourists and, while not homesick, I couldn’t resist giving them some valuable advice for when they return to the USA: “Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, and maybe we will meet again.”

I revealed my business identity by tearing open my shirt so they could see the PCH Prize Patrol   logo underneath.  (No, it wasn’t painted on my chest.)  Some exclaimed “I thought you looked familiar,” realizing they had seen me in Publishers Clearing House TV commercials.

Suddenly there was lots of excitement.  “You mean you guys are real?”  “OMG, I enter it all the time!”  “When are you coming to my house?”

And then there were some of those negative thinkers who chimed in, “They don’t really give away all those prizes” or “I gave up years ago” or “You have to buy something, right?”

I can handle the skeptics all right — I’ve been doing that for over thirty years.  “Yes, we absolutely award those Big Checks like you see on TV.”  And “Most of our winners entered many times before they won, so don’t stop now!”  And “Entering and winning our sweepstakes does not require a purchase, it’s absolutely free.”   (We are merchants and obviously want consumers to look at the products and magazines we offer.  But, like Main Street merchants who welcome window shoppers and browsers in their stores, we would never kick you out if you don’t buy.)

By the way, if anyone contacts you asking you to pre-pay taxes or a fee because “You have won a prize from Publishers Clearing House,” don’t fall for it.  That’s an illegal scam!

Well, I know that bunch of tourists I saw overseas will be quick to enter our sweepstakes at as soon as they get home.  And with some luck I may see them again when I lead the Prize Patrol to their door and announce “You’ve just won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

“Auf wiederseh’n” (till we meet again) and good luck!

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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