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Win A Shopping Spree Just In Time For Fall With PCH!

Do you want to win a shopping spree?

Publishers Clearing House is giving away $10,000 that you could use to update your whole fall closet!

Win A Shopping Spree

Happy Fall PCH Fans!

Well, it’s finally happening! The days are getting shorter, the warm air is starting to fade away and the leaves are changing! FALL IS HERE! Why am I so excited you may ask? Well, next to summer, fall is my favorite time of the year! There’s just something about the crispy cool air and fresh feeling that I can’t get enough of. The best part about the change of the season is… now it’s time to go on a FALL SHOPPING SPREE!

Now PCH fans, not that I ever really need an excuse to go shopping (what girl does?) but there are some things about fall fashion that I just LOVE! My absolute favorite things to shop for would be shoes and scarves, which I can NEVER have enough of! I’m pretty sure I have more heels, boots and scarves than one person should ever own, but my current collection, (which is now completely taking over my closet) is still not enough to keep me from wanting more!

Win A Shopping Spree With PCH

Thankfully, Publishers Clearing House knows just how to make a shopaholic’s dream come true. How, you may ask? Well we’re giving YOU the chance to win some extra spending money with our $10,000 Shopping Spree Sweepstakes! That’s right, $10,000 could be all yours to go on a spending spree that’s beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed of!

Imagine you could make your way through all your favorite stores without worrying about using coupons or “breaking the bank!” How exciting would that be? That expensive dress you love can now be yours! Maybe you’ve been eyeing the newest smart phone or a big screen TV? No problem!  In fact, with the PCH Shopping Spree you could win enough to update your technology AND your wardrobe at the same time!

Shopping Spree

So what would you spend all that extra cash on? Would you spend it all in one big shopping trip? Maybe you would make it last a few days, months, seasons or even years? Personally, I’d probably split it up into seasons and update my looks year ‘round!

So fans, while I go and update my fall wardrobe on a boring budget, YOU should make sure you enter for your chance to win a shopping spree from Publishers Clearing House!

Happy $pending!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

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