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Inspiring Words from a REAL Publishers Clearing House Winner!

A few days ago, Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite told me about an incredible woman who was a fan of the PCH Fan Page on Facebook and her Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page. This woman, Yolanda L., was a REAL Publishers Clearing House winner, who was always enthusiastically commenting on our pages. Danielle admired how UPLIFTING and MOTIVATIONAL Yolanda was in the way she told other fans (and skeptics) that PCH really does give away the money! Wanting to find out more about Yolanda, I reached out to her with some interview questions — but what I received back was so much more. So today, I decided to post the inspiring words from Yolanda herself. I think you fans will just LOVE this one — read on to hear her story! – Amanda C.


As a teenager, I remember seeing PCH commercials on television and could not wait until I was old enough to enter. My mother use to tell me “That is not real! Do you actually think those people give away all that money for free?” That was the reaction of everyone around me and it deterred me from entering for years. Until one day, I received the gold envelope in the mail for a chance to enter the sweepstakes and I have been entering ever since. This year it will be seven years that I have been on a mission to become the next Publisher Clearing House millionaire.

I must admit, after entering for many years and never winning made me feel hopeless. I was ready to give up maybe my mother and friends were right maybe PCH was not real and I had been wasting my time licking the back of those little stamps. I heard people say that they had been entering for 20 to 30 years and I thought if they never won anything what makes me different from them. They had been entering much longer than I had so maybe I should just give up. I did exactly that, I stopped entering. I gave up I had no chance of ever winning so why continue. In 2008, I bought a computer and thought why not try it again so I registered with PCH again. I was so excited about all the different sweepstakes I could enter, the different games I could play to win a prize. I entered everything that was available.

In October 2013, I was checking my email and I saw this one particular email stating I had won a prize of $500.00 dollars in the PCH [promoted on Facebook] online giveaway. Woohoo! I was excited yet afraid. I thought what if it was a hoax. I was so excited! I called everyone I could think of. My daughter was so happy for me the first thing she said was “How much are you going to give me?” My son said, “I’ll believe it when I see the check.” I immediately went to PCH fan page on Face book and shared my good news. Winning gave me hope and I wanted to give it to others. The day I received my check I jumped for joy PCH is real I shouted my children was so happy for me and my son immediately went to the computer and signed up. Most of my family and friends followed suit. Three weeks later, I was playing the Lucky Loot Wheel and won a $5.00 Amazon gift card. I was doing well. January 2014, I was playing a new game call Prize Pursuit and I won another $5.00 Amazon gift card. Although my prizes were small, I was on a winning streak!

When people tell me that PCH is a fraud I use to get irritated, because after entering for many years I and never winning I still did not think that PCH was a fraud.  Now, I just show people a copy of my check stub and the screen shots I have of my winnings and they are dumbfounded. I know I will win again from PCH because I have hope and faith that it will happen. I want to win the 1 Million Forever Prize and name my son the beneficiary because he has three small sons. I love all the members of the PCH Prize Patrol and cannot wait to see them at my door. I am PCH #1 superfan!

Yolanda L.

P.S. I just LOVE Yolanda’s WINNING ATTITUDE! Comment below and let us know what YOU think of her story!

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