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A man I knew years ago has written a memoir which he is promoting with an internet video I was pleased to see – not only for nostalgic reasons but because his book struck a responsive chord.  It is entitled “Mission to Moscow: A Cold War Look at the Warmth of the Russian People.”  He tells how one American writer’s expectations of inhospitality in an alien culture can be totally reversed by an extravagantly friendly welcome.

The author’s car was stuck in a ditch on a cold Russian night.  Understandably anxious at a time when anti-American sentiment was at best unpredictable, he was totally amazed that a bunch of middle-of-the-night Muscovite party-goers helped him out of the mess, then stuck around to celebrate.

It reminded me of when we started Prize Patrol deliveries over 25 years ago: we didn’t know what kind of reception we’d get when we knocked on the door of a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winner.  After all, the lucky person had no idea what was about to happen: it was just an ordinary day on the calendar; company wasn’t expected.  But it only took a few Prize Patrol visits for us to realize that a cold reception was never going to happen.

You see, when the Prize Patrol arrives, everything changes – in an instant.  Just one glance at the roses, balloons and the Big Check is all it takes for that momentary “Huhhh??” to morph into a gigantic grin of recognition: “OMG!  It’s happening!  I’m a winner!”  Within seconds the celebration begins.  Hugs are exchanged, neighbors come running, phones start buzzing, passing motorists wave and honk “Congratulations!”  Talk about warmth!

It’s kind of unbelievable even for us Prize Patrol veterans who have witnessed hundreds of “PCH winning moments”  to see how quickly moods can be transformed from the blahs to unrestrained excitement.  It’s not unusual to hear winners and witnesses exclaim “It’s a miracle!”

Well, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  You’ve seen our TV spots in which folks are blown away by unexpected visits from the Prize Patrol and Big Checks worth thousands, even millions of dollars.   And I bet you’re thinking “I’ll give Danielle, Todd and Dave a really warm reception!  If only I could win!”

Well, YOU can.  There are lots of opportunities to enter and win at Publishers Clearing House.  Take for example. And don’t forget PCHSearch&Win, PCHLotto, PCHGames, and more which you can visit every day for more chances to win.

With warmest best wishes,


Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador


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