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If You Won Our Set For Life Prize, Who Is The 1st Person You’d Call?


Hey PCH Fans!

Imagine waking up one morning and hearing a knock on your door. Thinking nothing of it, you go to answer the door and who do you see? The Prize Patrol Elite Team!!! What are they doing there? Awarding YOU a Big Check that could make you SET FOR LIFE!

Sounds like a fairytale, right? Well it isn’t. On April 30th (LESS THAN A MONTH FROM NOW!) someone will DEFINITELY receive a millionaire-making knock, and that someone could be YOU!

That’s right, folks! Our $7,000 A Week For Life Special Early Look Event is just a few weeks away, and we’re already wondering what our winner’s reaction will be like! Which brings us to the question we want to ask all of you today…

                After you’ve finished jumping for joy, wiping your tears away, and screaming at the top of your lungs, who is the FIRST person that you’d want to call?

Would it be your spouse? Your parents? Your children? Your best friend? Your neighbors? Your boss? Whoever it is, comment below and let us know! (And don’t forget to tell us why!)

Unsure of whom you would call first? Let’s take a look at what a few of our past winners did when they were in that situation! Do you all remember Mrs. Virginia Hall? Dave Sayer presented her with $10,000 last September. Virginia was SO excited to tell her friends and family that she was a Publishers Clearing House winner, she called them all before the Prize Patrol crew even left her house! She even had Dave call her children and tell them the good news!


Another winner who was super excited to call her loved ones was Melody Bingham! I saw it myself when I delivered her Big Check last July! With both of her parents already by her side, Melody’s first call was to her husband who was at work! He was in almost as much shock as she was and was convinced she must be joking. Good thing she wasn’t!

Melody Bingham

So PCH fans, now that you’ve had a chance to think about it, who would YOU call first? Comment below and let us know. And of course, don’t forget to enter today and every day until the April 21st 11:59 PM, ET deadline for your chance to be SET FOR LIFE!

Fingers crossed for all of you,


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. Did you all enjoy yesterday’s Prize Patrol Fan Test? You did AMAZING and we thank you all for participating! Here are the correct answers:

1) There are 3 members on the Prize Patrol Elite Team.

2) Danielle Lam, Todd Sloane or Dave Sayer.

3) This year is the 26th Anniversary of the Prize Patrol (Last year, they celebrated 25 years of making dreams come true!)

4) The Prize Patrol brings LOTS of things to the door…roses, balloons, champagne, the Big Check, the REAL check, and of course, happiness!!

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