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When we traveled near Washington DC last September to surprise Mrs. Virginia Hall with our special Prize Patrol 25th Anniversary Prize, I couldn’t help but recall previous visits we’d made to our nation’s capital.  In tourist meccas like this one – where sightseers are looking for photo-ops and memories to take home, the PCH Prize Patrol seems to generate even more excitement than usual.  I guess it’s because tourists are keeping their eyes open for people and sights that are out of the ordinary – and, in that regard, seeing us in-person (rather than on TV) qualifies as extraordinary.

Winner-hopefuls come running up when they see us.  “Here I am!”, “You found me!”, “Oh please give me that Big Check!” they cry as they gather ‘round, hoping we have some extra millions to hand out.  On September 18 we told them “But today’s prize is only $10,000” – to which they replied “Only!?!?  I’ll take it!  I’d be happy with fifty bucks!”  (See P.S. below.)

We’ve had experiences like this in places like New York’s Times Square and Rockefeller Center, Mount Rushmore, Disneyland, Hollywood, Las Vegas and the Mall of America (Minneapolis’ biggest tourist draw) — not to mention in countless airports.  Once when we were in Beverly Hills, a busload of star-gazers were so excited to see us you’d think they had just glimpsed Tom Cruise or Meryl Streep or Hugh Jackman or Lady Gaga.

Yep, sometimes meeting the Prize Patrol can be more thrilling than seeing some stone monument, skyscraper, statue, big store or famous person … especially if the Prize Patrol is carrying a Big Check – with your name on it.

PCH Prize Patrol

After these folks shake our hands and take our picture (to show their friends at home), they exclaim “I never believed you guys were for real.  Now that I’ve seen you with my own eyes I’ll enter your sweepstakes for sure!”

I’m sure they will.  And I hope that YOU will enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes too. After all, someone has got to win — and why shouldn’t it be YOU?

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer 

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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