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Hey PCH Blog Readers! Danielle Lam Wants To Say THANK YOU!

Danielle Lam Says THANK YOU

Hi blog readers!

Today, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I’ve told you before, but I’ll tell you again…you all are the BEST fans we could EVER ask for.

The PCH blog team enjoys bringing you fun and informative blogs every single day, and we love hearing what you think about them in your comments. So PLEASE keep those comments coming everybody – you all have such great things to say and we want to hear them!

I hope you’re also all following me on my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook. I love sharing special behind-the-scenes photos from PCH Headquarters, telling you about ways you could win big, and of course giving you clues and hints from the road as the Prize Patrol delivers the prizes. And don’t forget to follow Todd Sloane and Dave Sayer’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Pages too!

Before I go, I just wanted to ask you all a favor. If you’ve never left a comment on the blog before (we know there are a few of you out there), please comment today! C’mon, pretty please! I’d love to see a quick hello from some new friends! And of course to all my frequent commenters, please send me some love too! I can’t wait to read what you write!




Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

P.S. TICK, TOCK! There are ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER for our April 30th Prize Event! Enter NOW!


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  1. Danielle , I really hope you and the prize patrol come to Florida WE have to get our well and water system fixed and replaced please don’t let me fail ! We really need to re-drill the well and place the water purification system our we will never have good water in our home! I am so tired of living this way. please guys and gals show up! all the special prize certifcates should cover all the repairs! I am hoping! I just do not know what else I can do or where to go to get help! I am hoping the prize patrol will come here and save us! this would truly be my happiest day if you showed up! PCH CREW DOES ALOT OF WONDERFUL THINGS FOR PEOPLE! Please come to Florida we need help!