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Prize Patrol ready to go anywhere

When we have a major award presentation coming up (like we do this Wednesday), we Prize Patrol’ers can’t help but wonder, “Where will the results of this prize drawing take us?”  North, south, east or west?

We’ve taken countless flights from New York’s airports.  But it’s fun to think of the other options.

Because Publishers Clearing House is based in Port Washington on New York’s Long Island, we can’t go too far east or we’ll wind up in the Atlantic Ocean.  But there are some inhabitants out there – and it would be an adventure for us to charter a boat instead of a van to surprise a winner off the mainland.  Or, while technically not in the Atlantic, hurricane-battered Staten Island could be reached by ferry – and I know there are many, many folks there who would love to see us.

Or maybe we’d take a train: We could depart from New York’s venerable Grand Central Station, to surprise a suburban winner. Or we could take the convenient Long Island Railroad to New York’s Penn Station and connect to an Amtrak Superliner to who-knows-where.  And you know what would be lots of fun?  Jamming our video cameraman, balloons, roses and Big Check on to an already-packed subway to knock the socks off someone who lives in one of New York’s boroughs.

My point is: we are up for anything.  We love traveling – anytime, anywhere.  (We’d be in the wrong jobs if we didn’t.)   But what we are most excited about is meeting our newest millionaire on April 30th no matter where we go.

You may be thinking “Nobody around here ever wins. The Prize Patrol is not going to knock on my door.”  But that’s not a winning attitude.  As long as you entered, YOU have as good a chance as anybody of winning our SuperPrize this Wednesday.

So tell me, are you looking forward to Wednesday’s SuperPrize as much as I am? I sure hope so!

Good luck to everyone!
Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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