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The Results Are In — May Redemption Center Winners At!

PCH May Redemption Center Winners

We’re so happy to congratulate the newest Redemption Center winners at! (In case you didn’t know, all those tokens you can score at, PCHgames, PCHlotto and other PCH sites can be cashed in at the Redemption Center for entries to win incredible prizes like cash, gift cards and more!) That’s right! There are new winners every month and lots and lots of prizes. Without further ado, here are our May winners!
Henry S., Hudsonville, MI
Sue G., Pearl, MS
Douglas K., Cheney, KS
Carol C., North Las Vegas, NV
Heather M., Williamsburg, VA
Corinne B., Clovis, CA
Johnny B., Midland, TX
Debra B., Hauppauge, NY
Denver Y., Wolcott, IN
Roger M., Palm Bay, FL
Kathleen M., Woodbridge, VA
Mary M., Knoxville, TN
Becky A., Pontiac, IL
Patrick R., Fond Du Lac, WI
Frank S., Clovis, CA
Nelson L., Abbeville, LA
Samuel E., Dunnellon, FL
Bonnie W., Aransas Pass, TX
Dave H., Sacramento, CA
Judy E., Clearbrook, MN
Crystal S., Las Vegas, NV
Mary R., Poplar Bluff, MO
Patricia D., Spokane, WA
Anita H., Ankeny, IA
Clement O., Snellville, GA
Will R., Gilbert, AZ
DeAndrea P., North Charleston, SC
Elizabeth K., South Pittsburg, TN
Alethea F., Fresh Meadows, NY

And guess what? There will be new winners announced next month. So make sure you score as many tokens as you can right now and redeem them for chances to win prizes you love!  Here’s how:

1. Go to and click on Redeem Tokens in the upper right corner.
PCH Redemption Center

2. Scroll down to find several exciting prize opportunities. Simply choose the one you’d like to go for and click “Enter.”  For security reasons, you will be asked to confirm your password.

How to Redeem your tokens

3. Then you will choose how many entries you’d like to redeem. For the sake of this demonstration, I decided to use 1,000 tokens to redeem a chance to win $100 cash! (I can’t actually win because I am a Publishers Clearing House employee.) Then click, “Enter Now!”

Redeem your tokens at the PCH Redemption Center

4. That’s it! Click “Done” to return to the Redemption Center to redeem tokens for more prize opportunities.

Redemption Center

Want to see your name on next month’s list? Keep scoring those tokens and redeeming them for amazing prize opportunities as described above. If you’re not already registered at, you can register and get 1,000 tokens on the spot, plus you can score tokens every day for entering Sweepstakes, playing games and more!  Have fun and good luck!
Until next time,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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