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What Would You Say If You Saw The Prize Patrol At The Airport?

Even if we are not dressed in our official Prize Patrol blue blazers, the TSA security personnel at airports know why Danielle, Todd and I are getting on a plane.  They see the big, bright Prize Patrol logos on our wheelie-suitcases, and their usual stony faces break into smiles.  “Are you sure you aren’t looking for me?” they ask.  “Don’t you want to give me that Big Check right here and now?”

Prize Patrol luggage at airport

Other passengers waiting on line quickly catch on and exclaim “Here I am!” or “You found me!”

Sadly we have to inform these folks that we are on our way to deliver a prize to someone else — or maybe that we just surprised someone nearby and are on the way home.  “But don’t despair” we say: “You could be our next big winner if you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.”

“Gee, I never thought you guys were real!” some people say.  That’s kinda disappointing – because we’ve been televising actual “winning moments” and appearing on national TV shows for over twenty-five years.  But we’re happy that these folks are excited and encouraged by meeting us in person.

“Yep, we are absolutely real.” we tell them.  Then we point to the oversized package we are carrying. “That’s the Big Check!”

Danielle Lam travelling with the PCH Big Check

“OMG,” they reply.  “How do I get in on this?”

“Just go online to and enter,” we tell them.  “It’s as simple as that.”

Well, you regular PCH Blog readers already know how easy it is to enter our fabulous sweepstakes.  And you know that besides our million-dollar-and-up SuperPrizes, PCH awards a multitude of prizes worth hundreds and thousands of dollars, even daily prizes.  And you know that our rules allow you to enter our sweepstakes every day – thereby giving you more chances to win.  Good for you!  That’s valuable knowledge that a lot of folks don’t have.

Here’s hoping that the next time we go to an airport we’ll be on the way to your door.  Before you go, comment below and tell us – what would YOU say if you saw the Prize Patrol at the airport – or better yet, at your front door!

Good luck!
Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador


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  1. The prizepatrol name Pauilne, Florida USA ???? I win the Publishing Clearing House Sweepstake I win Sweepstake I win the publishing clear book clearing out sweepstakes $7,000 a day for life I win a car and I win cash looking forward to see you knocking at my door with roses and champagne I’m in it to win it looking forward to see you very soon knocking at my door my price will mean so much to me looking for I want to see you with PCH red balloon PCH roses on PCH champagne I need a wing bud I win I win the game and I can get no money I’m entering for my price Publishing Clearing House Sweepstake pch. Attention to Daniela

  2. Hope next time the prizes patrol go to the airport you’re welcome to come Springfield Illinois with a big check knocking on my door ??????????‍✈️??‍✈️??