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October 31st, 2014 is a day that Lula Lenox of Nashville, Tennessee, will never forget. It’s the day she answered the doorbell and saw the PCH Prize Patrol standing there – with roses, balloons, a video-camera and a Big Check!

It being Halloween she might have thought the visitors were imitators playing “Trick or Treat.” But we were the real thing and quickly announced “Here’s a treat: a check for $10,000 – with your name on it, from Publishers Clearing House!”

Lula shrieked, and her daughter Yolanda rushed to the door and started screaming and jumping up and down: “Mama! Mama! You won! You won!”

PCH Spooktacular Winner

Lula couldn’t believe it, but clearly was hoping that we would show up some day. “I was just sitting inside there entering your sweepstakes – like I do every day” she declared.

“I enter every day too” said Yolanda as she started calling her sister and friends with the exciting news.

That’s the kind of dedication we love to see. And that’s a quality that Lula demonstrated in more ways than one. It turns out that Lula retired recently after 35 years working at a local hospital. “I never missed a day,” she said – and that goes for “on the job,” as well as entering our sweepstakes. And it’s a dedication that clearly paid off since she became PCH’s Spooktacular winner.

Lula is extremely grateful for the $10,000 check, and it was promptly deposited in the bank. “I’m not the kind of person to run out and treat myself. There’s time for that.”

In the meantime both Lula and Yolanda said they will continue entering every day – at and other PCH websites. Both mother and daughter admitted that they wouldn’t mind “winning that $10,000 a week for life” they’d seen us advertising on TV. “And now you know where to find us too” they added.

How about you? Do you have Lula’s kind of dedication? We’ve surprised hundreds and hundreds of winners, and one thing they all have in common is: they don’t give up.
So enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today and every day, and the next winner we surprise could be YOU!

PS – Speaking of Halloween, we absolutely loved these Prize Patrol Halloween costumes our fans shared with us on social media!  The Prize Patrol sure was popular this year.


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Wishing you the best of luck.
Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador


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