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PCH Vegas Winner

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is an advertising promise that draws thousands of visitors to America’s gaming capital every day of the year.  But the thrill we saw there one day last week is too good to “stay in Vegas.” I want you PCH Blog readers to read all about it.

Late Tuesday Luz and Melvin Cabang returned to Las Vegas from Hawaii – where Mel (originally from Hawaii) finds employment as a popular (You-Tubed) comedian.  On Wednesday they went out to do some “stocking up” chores and had just gotten back to their apartment when the Prize Patrol arrived.  The front door was ajar, so we didn’t even have to knock.  We just asked “Anybody home?”  Luz came to the door and recognized immediately what was going on. “Am I dreaming?” she cried as I handed her roses, balloons and – ta dah! – a Big Check for $25,000.00!

It took a minute for Mel to arrive and see what had Luz so excited.  His reaction was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen – and over the years I’ve seen close to a thousand! See the “winning moment” for yourself.


It turns out the prize money could not have come at a better time.  The Cabangs’ modest home had been burglarized recently, and virtually all of the electronic equipment that Mel needs for his work was taken – and uninsured.  The timing was also perfect: twenty-four hours earlier we would not have found the Cabangs there; they were airborne over the Pacific, and we were busy presenting a Million Dollar SuperPrize to Rosemary Cella.

Luz, originally from the Philippines, enters the PCH Sweepstakes religiously and considers her win an answer to prayer.  Mel tearfully had to admit that, despite some doubts, the Prize Patrol’s visit made him a believer – and a very happy and thankful one.

How about you? Do you believe YOU can win? I certainly hope that you do and that you will enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes every chance you get.  Already in 2015 we’ve awarded seven Big Checks – and there are many more prizes on the way including our blockbusting $5,000 A Week for Life “Forever” prize on February 27th!  So enter at once.

Congratulations Luz, and the best of luck to all of you!


Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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