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Whenever the PCH Prize Patrol is in uniform walking through an airport people come running up and say they’d be more than happy to take that Big Check we are carrying off our hands.  “Hey, here I am!” is a constant refrain.  “Doesn’t that have my name on it?”

We ask them, “Is your name Wanda?” (or whatever the winner’s name is that we are about to visit).  Many a husky male has answered, “It can be!”  This rather scary declaration demonstrates just how much some folks want to win!

We then ask “Did you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?”  A sheepish confession comes forth: “Ummm, no.”

“Well then you can’t possibly win,” we tell them.  “In fact if you don’t enter you’ll be a loser for sure.”  We remind them that they can go online every day and enter at and other Publishers Clearing House websites.

“I’ve been meaning to enter,” they say.  “And now that I know you guys are for real, I’ll enter for sure!”

That’s music to our ears – because we want everyone to see everything that PCH has to offer.

We like to think that our TV commercials and humongous prizes will motivate people to enter our sweepstakes, and many people do.  But some hold-outs need to see us in person to realize that the Prize Patrol could actually deliver a Big Check with their name on it to their front door – a check worth thousands, even millions of dollars!

Well, I don’t need to preach to you loyal blog readers.  You know that real people really win, and that you have as good a chance as anybody of being the next Big Check winner.

But let me just tantalize you a bit more:  Picture this Big Check with your name on it!  Looks good, right?

Big check from PCH

 So keep entering, and good luck!


Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  1. PRIZE PATROL PRIZE PATROL… I’ve been thinking about this moment and let’s face it… you know you have to. Let’s start over but I’m gonna have to Work even when I have the cash… yeah I can’t do that I need stability of Gods “still labor hard even when resting”
    Yeah… so I gotta get in shape… oh yeah I’m gonna be the Red head Annie in real life! Definitely can see a few things changing around this place we call united! Cause I don’t see diversity!!!! Let’s change that 🙂 hi how ya doing let’s chat later $$$ $$$ $$$$
    $$$ $$$$$ drive, Goosecreek South Carolina yeah I want to give my mom her own please give her a couple thousands but as far as her being my mother it was tough growing up without a mom and she was right in front of me and it was tough growing up without a dad and he was right across the United States and with another family so all I know is my spiritual angels are very funny and also I can dance like Michael Jackson and I can be is just as smooth as James Brown those are my two favorite artists of all time with funk in a little bit of this soul ginga power! And yes I do agree I believe in God Well let’s face it his skin is not gonna be the color of mine it will be the color of brown bronze or black king colors with queen vibes a lot of people don’t understand but when you know the Africa contains Egypt it makes a whole lot more sense.

  2. Hope I’m blessed ? by Jesus Christ, so I can finally do the things for my children and needy children and family and friends, live life without struggle and shame.

  3. 1st of all, you do your job very cheerfully mostly you office beards God be paying you double portions in whatever you have or do, course your job is very cheerful while we see you entertaining your winners, so keep it up. Your company is growing wonderfully so GOD bless you all.