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Where would YOU hide a secret stash of cash?

Secret Stash of Cash

I have a question, and I want you all to be 100% honest. Have you ever hid your own secret stash of cash? You know what I mean…your very own reserve of $20 dollars…$50 dollars…$100 dollars…however much money…that you wanted YOU and ONLY YOU to know about? I know I have…

My spot for hiding my stash of cash has changed over the years. When I was younger, I hid my birthday or holiday money from my older brother and sister in an old shoebox. But I’ve grown more sophisticated over the years, and now I hide it in an envelope within an envelope in my night table drawer. (OK, I guess my spot could still use some improvement 🙂 )

How about you? What’s YOUR secret hiding spot? Under your bed? In an old wallet? Stuffed between a pile of clothes? Comment below and let us know…we promise we won’t tell anyone!!! It can be a secret between us blog readers!

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Best of luck everyone!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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