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YOU can win huge Publishers Clearing House Prizes … I wish I could!

Working at PCH

 Hi, my PCH blog pals!

Although I feel very lucky to work for Publishers Clearing House, I’ve got to get something off my chest: when I see wonderful real-life people really win our amazing prizes, I just don’t get why anyone would throw away an opportunity I’ll never have.

Over the years, I’ve watched all the “Winning Moments” of our lucky winners – and have even MET some of them, like LeRoy Faulks and Rosemary Cella when they’ve come out to visit.

And as I’ve seen our Prize Patrol deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in prizes, I get a bit sad, thinking, “Wow, they’ll never come to MY house.” As a PCHer, I can’t enter, let alone win.

But what about you??? YOU might become one of the people who really win – just by entering every day to go for our millionaire-making SuperPrizes!

Win it All

And there are lots of other exciting prizes, too! For instance, if I were you, I’d try my luck PCHgames!

PCH games

And I’d be sure to log on to PCHSearch&Win and do all my Web searches there!


Really, there are SO many fun, fast ways to become a real life winner at PCH I can’t understand why anybody would NOT take a shot at it every day.

Listen, after 20 years, I’ve SEEN hundreds of people who have really and truly won BIG at Publishers Clearing House. And although I’ll never know what that feels like, YOU CAN! So don’t let me down. Log on and enter NOW!


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