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$1 Million Winner Laurie Aragon Got Her Prize Just In Time!

$1 Million Winner Laurie Aragon

All of our SuperPrize winners here at Publishers Clearing House are so deserving! As fate would have it, it seems like each and every person who wins really needs the money, and it’s amazing to see how much their lives are changed!

In our follow up chat with recent $1 Million winner Laurie Aragon, we discovered she’s no exception. Can you believe her power was about to be shut off just as the Prize Patrol showed up? Laurie tells it best:

“My day was terrible. I was going through a lot! My electricity was about to be turned off, I had been laid off, I had concerns about my grandkids…yes, I had a lot on my shoulders!”

Well what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. Watch the clip below!


Before being laid off, Laurie was employed as a construction laborer at a power plant, working 10-12 hour shifts. On top of that, she was also acting as primary caregiver to two of her grandchildren. Needless to say, Laurie was taking a much-deserved nap when the Prize Patrol showed up with a check for $1 Million!

“[When I saw them at the door] I said, ‘can you all pinch me at the same time? I need to know this isn’t a dream!’”

We asked her what was the first thing she thought of when she got the actual check in her hands, and her answer might surprise you!

“Bills! That was the very first thing I thought of. Getting out of debt! I was so behind on my bills. So I’ve got most of that done, now that I’ve won. I also got a 2016 Chrysler 200. I’ve never had a brand new car before…I’ve never even won anything before in my life!”

We asked her if the shock has worn off at all, but she says it hasn’t!

“No, it hasn’t worn off. But now that the bills are taken care of, I definitely want to take a few trips. I want to visit my son at college. Then maybe I’ll do a Las Vegas trip with my mom and my daughter.”

Besides Laurie, someone else was happy for her win — her dad!

“My dad played PCH for many years. I remember it ever since I was little. He never won anything, but he did say ‘I’m glad someone in our family won something!’  I started entering when I played the Publishers Clearing House games, but I was just thinking I’d win a $500 gift card or maybe a little bit of cash. I wasn’t expecting this!”

Wondering what she did with her Big Check? Her answer is very amusing!

Laurie Aragon $1 Million Winner

“I still have it; I hired a lawyer to help me get some stuff in order, and he wants to have a picture taken of the two of us holding it so he can put it up in his office! But I’ve saved everything. I’m keeping the champagne bottle, and my granddaughter dried the roses and put sparkles on them…”

One other great thing about Laurie is her positive attitude! In fact, she is so positive that she started posting to comments on the PCH Blog so that people would know that the SuperPrize is real!

“People need to know! It really happens. There are probably scams out there, but PCH is real!”

Laurie wants to leave you all with the message that if you want to win, you have to keep entering! And after meeting Dave and new Prize Patrol member Howie, she also loves us here at PCH!

“I want PCH to know they’re great! You guys have the best jobs!”

We can’t disagree, Laurie! Making winners happy and changing lives is the best part about what we do here! And don’t forget, we have winners every day, but you have to enter to make sure there’s a chance that it will be you!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – We’re glad $1 Million winner Laurie was able to send away the electric company and get that bill taken care of! What would you do with your extra income if you got completely out of debt? Tell us in the comments below!

P.P.S. – Reading your comments is one of our favorite things to do, but don’t forget that commenting on the blog is not a way to enter our Sweepstakes. Of course there are so many other ways to enter the PCH Sweepstakes, and we hope you’ll take advantage of them all!


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  1. I have so many thing and I actually like Ms. Laurie have a power bill due . It sounds like my life Right Now. I will keep trusting ,keep pushing and enter every day in every way .