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Top 5 Things A $5,000 A Week “Forever” Winner Could Buy

Holy Moly! We will DEFINTELY have a winner of a “Forever” Prize this Friday! Yes, that means we will be giving away $5,000 A Week for Life to a winner on Febuary 26th! Then after that, the winner’s chosen beneficiary will receive $5,000 A Week for THEIR Life, too!

The winner, and even the winner’s family, could feel a financial stability that most only ever wish for! With that sort of windfall, you could finally fulfill your dreams and make those purchases you’ve always thought about!

So what would YOU buy first? Let’s pretend that you’ve already gotten the boring things out of the way; you’ve caught up on your bills, taken care of those loans, etc. What’s first on your purchase list?

Here’s our list of the top 5 things a “Forever” Prize winner could buy!

5) Fancy Meal!  Some people think with their stomach, and we can’t blame them! Your first purchase could be as simple as a FANCY meal for everyone you love. Lobster? Steak? Why not do both? After all, a little celebration would definitely be in order should you become the “Forever” Prize winner this Friday!

4) New Wardrobe! Whether it’s some new threads or fancy bling, we can all do with a nice wardrobe upgrade! You could pick out the clothes yourself, but when you have $5,000 A Week going to your bank account FOR LIFE, why not hire a fashion consultant? That’s a decision that I’m sure you would agree is on-trend for the season!

3) Gadgets & Gizmos! Upgrade that phone! Get that new Ultra 4K TV! Why ever go out to the movie theater again when you can have a home theater installed in your house? For many that’d be a celluloid dream come true!

2) A New Car! At the top of a lot of winners “buy first” lists are a new set of wheels! Recent SuperPrize winner Boris Clinton comes to mind with his slick BMW! And that’s what he bought with a second chance $1 Million…imagine what a “Forever” Prize could get you!

What would you buy first

1) A Brand New House! This is probably the number one purchase that our winners tell us about! Everyone wants to buy (or build) the house of their dreams, and with a “Forever” Prize, that certainly can happen pretty easily!

So that’s OUR Top 5 things to buy first list! Now we want to hear YOURS. So comment below and let us know. And have some fun with it – you can never think TOO BIG!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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