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Who Will Become The First Winner From Giveaway 6900?

Who Will Be The First Winner From Gwy 6900

As savvy blog-readers like you probably already know, PCH recently announced our new ongoing SuperPrize giveaway, Giveaway 6900! A new SuperPrize giveaway means there are lots more BIG prizes on the horizon. Our last exciting giveaway gave us seven lucky winners, including Ryan Hart of Osceola, Iowa, who recently won $5,000 A Week “Forever.” With a “Special Early Look Event” happening next month on April 29th, everyone is wondering, who will become the first winner from Giveaway 6900?

Win$7,000 A Week For Life From Giveaway 6900

Well, since SuperPrize winners are selected completely at random, no one knows who the first big winner from Giveaway No. 6900 will be yet. With an amazing $7,000 A Week For Life at stake, we can certainly wonder. Over his decades with the Prize Patrol, Dave Sayer has certainly seen it all. I caught up with him recently and he had some great stories to tell.

Will the first winner from Giveaway 6900 be from the country or the city? Through the years, the Prize Patrol has awarded prizes in both! Dave recalls the time the Prize Patrol was looking for a winner in a New York City high rise, but couldn’t surprise the winner at her door because the doorman wouldn’t let them in. Of course the Prize Patrol always does everything they can to find their winner, so they waited until their winner came down the elevator and the doorman pointed her out.  We caused huge commotion on the street, and had a very stunned, happy winner, Dave explained.

Will the first big winner from Giveaway 6900 be from the North or the South? That’s a good question, because the weather report for the April 29th Prize Event will vary greatly depending on where the Prize Patrol ends up. Will they need to pack sunglasses? If the next winner lives in a warm climate, will they make time for a quick swim in the hotel pool before heading home to New York? Over the years, the Prize Patrol has awarded prizes all over the country. One recent prize award took the Prize Patrol to a goat farm in a rural Texas town where they interrupted a birthing. A miracle for me, a cityslicker to see! exclaimed Dave. And, believe it or not, the Prize Patrol has even used a dogsled to deliver a prize in Alaska!

Next Big Winner From Giveaway 6900

Recently, the Prize Patrol delivered a prize on a goat farm, just in time to see a new goat being born.

Will the first big winner from Giveaway 6900 be young or old?  At 21 years of age, our recent “Forever” Prize winner, Ryan Hart is our youngest SuperPrize winner. However, the Prize Patrol has awarded prizes to people of all ages through the years. In fact, one of Dave’s most memorable prize awards took place aboard a transcontinental flight. Explains Dave, The winner was flying from Atlanta to Los Angeles for a family reunion celebrating her 90th birthday. We took balloons, roses and the Big Check on board and surprised her at 36 thousand feet!

Well friends, the only thing we do know about the first big winner from Giveaway 6900 is that it will be someone who has timely entered. It could even be YOU! Make sure you claim as many entries as you can. If the Prize Patrol ends up at your house, what stories do you think they’ll have to tell about the experience? Let us know in the comments section below.

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

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