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Find That “Golden Nest Egg” With Publishers Clearing House!

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Can you believe Easter has come and gone!? I hope you all had an amazing holiday filled with friends, family and good food! Easter has become such a great tradition for so many families all over the country that I thought today would be a great time to reflect on all the fun!

I don’t know about you fans, but in my family, Easter Sunday always consisted of a big breakfast and a pretty exciting Easter egg hunt! Every single year we’d head on over to my grandparent’s house for some delicious food and my grandfather’s “famous egg hunt.”

So what made his egg hunt so special? Well, first he’d have two separate hunts – one for the grandkids and one for the adults. He’d get really creative with the hiding spots (my favorite was when he hid an egg in a hollowed loaf of bread!) and have one special plastic egg with a $5 bill and a mystery piece of candy inside. The adult hunt was similar, except no candy, more difficult hiding spots and a bigger cash prize!

I always remember my mom calling it the “golden nest egg” as she and my aunts and uncles battled to find the crazy place that my grandfather hid the money egg that year! It was such a fun tradition and it’ll always be something I remember about Easter Sunday.

Now, if your Easter egg hunts weren’t as eventful as mine used to be, I have some good news for you. You can find your very own “golden nest egg” right here at Publishers Clearing House! That’s right, you can win $7,000 A Week For Life in our Special Early Look Event this April! Can you even imagine winning all of that money? I wouldn’t even know what to do first! But one thing’s for sure…it’d be the gift that keeps on giving, with payments that keep on coming week after week, after week!

So, if you’d like to find your very own “golden nest egg,”

So, if you’d like to find your very own “golden nest egg,” then it’s time to get moving! It’s SUPER easy to enter — and of course, completely FREE!

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Happy Hunting!

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