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Hi everyone! It’s Danielle Lam from the PCH Prize Patrol. I’m anxiously awaiting the April 29th SuperPrize event, and I’m sure you are too! I’m even more excited than usual (if that’s even possible) because I have some exciting news for you. We’re about to make PCH history. For the first time ever, the PCH Prize Patrol is going to be doing FACEBOOK LIVE STREAMING as we’re on the road awarding the first big SuperPrize winner of Giveaway #6900!  That’s right…in real time you’ll be getting updates from the Prize Patrol and myself on our travels. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be the Prize Patrol? Well, now you’ll get a chance to see!  Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a Prize Patrol member? Well, you’ll see that too…LIVE!

As you may know, for all SuperPrize awards the Prize Patrol travels the night before – so starting Thursday, April 28th we’ll be on the road with behind the scenes Facebook live streaming (Psssssttttt that’s my Birthday!!!)

So tell me, what do YOU want to see LIVE on April 28th & April 29th?  The florist giving us the flowers and balloons?  Talking to local media? Live winner interviews?  Let us know below and your idea could inspire a Prize Patrol live stream on Facebook!


Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team

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  1. Well I hope it’s a nice sunny day. I hope I was outside and see Prize Patrol van pull up my driveway, and I am sure I can recognize Prize Patrol Todd, Dave, Danielle, and Howie. I am really excited try to comment. I am sure that would be happy day of my life I hope that day happens soon!

  2. Its 4:30 am the 28th, can’t sleep waiting and hoping will see you drive up and Big Check. I will
    Live stream, will almost make you reality show directors.
    I can live a few live shots as long is the a delay ha ha!

  3. Knock Knock on Heaven’s door!
    Haven’t you heard our prayers, do tell
    Angelic heralds, the children aren’t living so well
    No more America pie,
    The children cry without knowing the reason why
    Elberton GA declared their kind
    In hope ? children wake up soon before the genocide.