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PCH April 29th Special Early Look Results Are In!

Hi everyone! It’s your friendly Prize Patroller, Danielle here! At PCH, we’re preparing for the BIG April 29th Special Early Look Prize Event! Let me tell you, it’s really a team effort! From our Contest Department who oversees the random selection of a winning number, to our friends in production who make sure we have a “Big Check” with our newest winner’s name on it, it’s all hands on deck to get us ready and on our way!

Amist all the excitement, I must inform you that I have some important news from our Contest Department. The special early look results are in! Watch the video below to find out what prize we’ll be awarding in just a few days.


It turns out, there was no matching winning number this time. While that means we won’t be able to award the top prize of $7,000 A Week For Life, the Prize Patrol and I will still be hitting the road to surprise the lucky winner with ONE MILLION DOLLARS from our second chance drawing!

That’s right! Someone is still going to win one million dollars from Publishers Clearing House VERY SOON! In state lotteries, when there’s no match to the winning numbers drawn there’s no second chance drawing and usually no prize is awarded. But we’re not the state lottery. We’re PCH and we LOVE making millionaires for free! So rather than having no winner, we’re changing someone’s life with an amazing $1 Million prize on April 29th!

So long, for now! We’ve got our winner and we’re on our way. Where will we be heading? Stay tuned for clues from the road on Prize Day! Who knows? Maybe we’ll end up at your front door!

Good luck!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

P.S. Isn’t it GREAT that we’re awarding ONE MILLION DOLLARS as a second chance prize? A million dollars could sure change your life! Comment below and let us know what you would do with that kind of money!

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