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What if the Prize Patrol were Superheroes?

Hey PCH Blog friends! Matt K. here! You may know me as the guy who does lots of interviews with our big SuperPrize winners, but there’s something else I also like to talk about: superheroes!

Yup, ever since I was a kid, superheroes (and comic books of all types) have been a passion of mine! So I got to thinking, our Prize Patrol is actually a LOT like superheroes! The Prize Patrol has powers, like traveling the country at lightning speed. They have costumes, like super cool blazers. They even have an awesome car, the Prize Patrol Van. I’ve been trying them to rename it the “prizemobile,” but no luck yet!

Prize Patrol


They’re already pretty super, but I was wondering if each of them were to actually BE a famous superhero, who would they be?

When I think about Dave, he reminds me of Superman. He’s the classic leader! Always willing to lead the charge, finding a solution for whatever obstacles might be in the way of a winner getting their prize. And like Dave, Superman is a founding member of the famous Justice League, just like how Dave is a founding member of the Prize Patrol! I don’t think Dave actually comes from another planet, but his piano playing is out of this world!

Todd is the Prize Patrol’s Iron Man!  Like Dave, Todd is also a founding member of the Prize Patrol (as Iron Man is a founding member of the Avengers). Also, Todd is very smart and uses his brains give the Prize Patrol new gadgets to use on the road! I’ll never forget the day I saw Todd zoom by my office on a cool electric scooter. He’s like a real-life Tony Stark!

I think the only comparison that can be made for Danielle is Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman is the best of the best of a secret tribe on Paradise Island, picked to help right the wrongs of the modern world. Danielle was also one of Publishers Clearing House’s best employees before she was chosen to be a part of the Prize Patrol. Now we can’t imagine it without her!

Howie, our newest Prize Patrol member fits perfectly with Spider-Man! Howie is a big fan of photography, just like Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker!  Spider-Man is also known for his biting wit and charm, and Howie definitely has a lot of both!

When our winners receive their life-changing SuperPrizes, many times they tell us it feels like the Prize Patrol saved the day! Enter today if you want the Prize Patrol to save the day for you!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you could have any super power, what would you choose? Tell us in the comments below!

P.P.S. I’m a fan of the classic heroes like Superman, and if you want more classics, check out Elena’s Throwback Thursday blog today where she’s talking all about one of our favorite games!

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