Behind The Scenes At PCH, Meet Maryann Carter!


Hello, everyone. As Publishers Clearing House fans know, awarding prizes is what we do best! So today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to someone who plays an important role in making it all happen behind the scenes at PCH: Maryann Carter, our Senior Contest Manager. Maryann and her team are involved with many aspects of our contests, from setting up sweepstakes to overseeing drawings — our winners are always chosen at random —   and everything in between!

In her 21 years at Publishers Clearing House, Maryann has overseen many, many drawings. Of course, there have been the random drawings for our Millionaire-making SuperPrizes, but did you know that drawings for smaller prizes are held at PCH all the time? Explains Maryann, I run drawings on a daily basis, then I send the winner information to our Contest Analyst so that the prizes can be fulfilled.

While all our PCH prizes are exciting, Maryann is aware that the BIG SuperPrize drawings are Super-Special! Its thrilling to know that someones life will change when we select a big winner of $1 Million or more. I think about what the winner might feel like when they see the Prize Patrol standing at their door. If it were me, I would jump up and down,  she exclaims.

One of Maryann’s favorite promotions was the Prize Patrol blitz that took place several years ago. We sent out numerous teams of Prize Patrol deputies to deliver $10,000.00 prizes all across the country in a 3 day timeframe. It was exciting to hear all of the experiences the deputies had and how wonderful our winners were. So many winners in three days was certainly a tall order for Maryann and her team – but all those happy winners were worth it!

When she’s not running drawings (and changing lives) here at PCH, you can often find Maryann in her yard, as she is an avid gardener. Her other interests include making jewelry and doing traditional needlework.

I hope you enjoyed your peek behind the scenes with Maryann Carter, who is just one of the PCH folks who work together to make dreams come true, every day.

All the best,

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

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  1. Thanks for the information. Always great to hear information about people involved in PCH. Gives a more personal feel to the great organization. Keep up the good work, Maryann. Hello family and stay safe.

  2. I’ve been playing for about two years straight. I just pray that my time has come. More than anything for my mother and of course for my children. Well at least my hopes are still up because two straight years is a long time. Anyways the opportunity is great because who gives you the chance to change your life for free nowadays?