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$10,000 Was A Money Miracle for Winner Sony Webster!

Imagine for a moment that you’re in a tough financial situation and you don’t know where help is going to come from. You’re hoping that some money is right around the corner — praying for that “money miracle,” but will it really come?

Those hopes and dreams came to pass for one lucky winner named Sony Webster! Watch this special extended winning moment video and then enjoy our follow-up interview!


When we caught up with Sony Webster last week, she still seemed to be in shock!

“I’m still in awe. Never in a millions years! I mean, I was just like everyone else…you don’t really know [if it’ll happen], it’s just hit or miss. It’s hard to believe! But you see it on TV, so…”

Since Sony wasn’t sure if it would ever happen to her, we asked her for how long she was entering before she got her “money miracle.” It turns out, for quite a while!

“Yes, I think I played before 2009, but it was after that that I got really into it. My routine is to get at least one or two entries per day. [But when] we moved back to Texas in 2011, I had to slow down my entering a bit. [I recently found a permanent] place, but Howie and Dave ended up going to our old address!”

And as you can see from the video, even though Howie and Dave may have initially had the wrong address, the Prize Patrol won’t stop until they’ve found their winner…even if the winner is at work!  Sony explained how her coworker got in on the surprise!

“So I got to work, I was doing my regular work, it’s almost the end of the day and my boss asked me what time I was leaving. I [didn’t have a car], so I had to catch a ride with a coworker.  She kept asking me what time I was leaving. Then the third time she asked, she told me she needed me to go to HR. I thought maybe I was in trouble!  Then I thought maybe it was just about a class, so I offered to email HR instead. My boss said, ‘no, just go the office.’  My boss was walking behind me, and I had that 100% feeling that I was in trouble.  So I followed everyone outside. I saw the Prize Patrol balloons and ducked to avoid them, because I didn’t think they were for me – I didn’t want to interrupt something!”

As you can see from the winning moment above, Sony was pretty unprepared for what happened next!  And as surprising as this was, fate knew that this money miracle came just in time:

Money miracle

“We were moving and go and back and forth with the kids, so I was saving my funds to get a car. So it was perfect timing! That Friday I got the money, and we went and had some dinner and just reminisced on how surprised I was. I got some bills out of the way too.  The kids are still in awe!”

Soon after Sony bought a car, a modest one that she and her husband own free and clear! She’s glad that she doesn’t have to get rides to work anymore, and it lifts a burden that will make it a lot easier to start saving for a house.

We asked Sony if she had any words of wisdom, and she wanted to share this with you!

“Patience is everything. Sometimes we get frustrated, because you don’t know the winners on TV, they’re not the people down the street! But just be patient and humble…and one day someday, you’ll have that opportunity!”

So make sure you’re entering as often as you can…you never know when it may be your turn for your “money miracle” to show up just when you need it!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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