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Win Our August 31st Special Early Look Event And Pay Off Bills!

A Special Early Look Event Made Laure Aragon's Dreams Come True

Got Bills? If you’re our August 31st winner, you won’t for much longer! That’s right, Publishers Clearing House will be taking a “special early look” for a SuperPrize winner very soon. If a matching winning number is timely returned, the Prize Patrol will award our incredible top prize of $5,000 A Week “Forever”. If it’s not, a random drawing will be held among timely eligible entrants from Giveaway No. 4950 to award a guaranteed prize of $1,000,000.00. That’s right, either way, someone is DEFINITELY going to be in a much better financial position to pay off bills at the end of the month … and if you’ve entered, it could be you!

The one thing about the Prize Patrol, they have a knack for arriving just in time! Remember Laurie Aragon? She became a $1,000,000 winner from a second chance drawing back in December 2015. And, the way she tells it, their timing couldn’t have been better. “ I was going through a lot! My electricity was about to be turned off, I had been laid off, I had concerns about my grandkids … yes, I had a lot on my shoulders!  With a $1 Million SuperPrize, she was able to pay off bills and even purchase a new car!

That’s right! A second-chance prize of $1 Million really could make all the difference. That reminds me of Stephanie Gornichec, an Idaho woman who had lost her job and had to put her house up for sale. As soon as the Prize Patrol arrived with a “Big Check” for a $1 Million SuperPrize from a second chance drawing, her husband marched out to the front yard, grabbed the “For Sale” sign and threw it in the garbage!

Remember this friends, a Millionaire-making SuperPrize will DEFINITELY be awarded on August 31st.  Will it be the top prize of $5,000 A Week “Forever” or will it be a prize of $1,000,000? No one knows yet! But, the fact is, someone will be in for an exciting surprise and will be able to pay off bills VERY SOON! Keep entering, because you have to be IN to WIN!

Good luck,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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  1. My name is Kamiko, I play games everyday on pch, I love all the games….to say, one is better than the other, would bean under statement, cause It’s my daily therapy, it helps me through the wild, the fire and the unknown….lol So, I hope I’m Blessed to win any of the prize offering, I’m waiting for prize patrol and pray when ever it’s my time, I’m there to welcome and thank them for their blessings…. ILL CONTINUE TO PLAY UNTIL THAT DAY! You all rock at pch/ the prize patrol….keep rollin’, rollin’, roll in’…. I am in it to win it… prize patrol rockin….rock it don’t stop it! SEE YALL SOON, SOONER THAN ANYBODY CAN THINK!

  2. I want to win!

    From dreams to reality 517

    Route for the underdog

    I would use the money to bring people together.

    I’ve been Lonely in a crowded world and miss everyone dearly.

  3. 5 children & 10 grandchildren
    Seperated 1991 distant from all of them . Im 62and so ready to be a blessing on purpose.
    TBAMS PRODUCTION. Church to communities.
    Testimonials worldwide. Song &
    theodore francis p

  4. Good Morning to you all!!! My goodness I’m playing to win you guys! Seriously this is such a fun and exciting way to have the chance to be blessed in such an unspeakable way. My family and I are having to restore many of things since my 18 year olds passing a little over a year and a half ago and you guys,this opportunity to be financially secure most certainly can be life changing. Either way Thanks So much for you wonderful faces and attitudes and just know my family and I here in Mississippi are extremely excited and and extremely greatful. Bless you all! Sincerely your Big Next PCH Winner Christopher B.*

  5. I hope and pray God blesses me and my family with this prize!! Lord knows we need it. Ever since covid hit us, everything I worked so hard for, I lost it because I lost my job. Haven’t been able to find one since. I have 3 beautiful girls that rely on me to be strong for them and it’s Been so hard for me. This would surely be a blessing for me and my babies. ?? lord please help us win this. ?