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What Would Your 3 Wishes Be If You Won $7,000 A Week For Life?


Fairy tales are such a great part of growing up, don’t you think? I mean, what kid doesn’t love letting their imagination soar with valiant heroes, evil villains and magical endings? Personally, I have always enjoyed the story of Aladdin. (I think the movie version with Robin Williams is such a delight.) To me, one of the reasons it’s so enjoyable is that it’s so relatable. Who wouldn’t want to meet a magical genie? Who wouldn’t want their wishes to come true?  Fortunately, I know a team that helps make wishes come true in REAL LIFE — the PCH Prize Patrol! So, let me ask you: if you won $7,000 A Week For Life, what 3 wishes would you want to come true?

It’s true, magical genies only exist in fairy tales. But, if you’ve been entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes, you really could win $7,000 A Week For Life on October 21st. And that’s EVEN BETTER, because with checks for $7,000 rolling in week after week, LOTS of your wishes could come true, such as …

If you won 7,000 A Week For Life, you could pay off your bills, for good!
Wouldn’t it feel amazing to see all those bills marked PAID and get your wish to never have to worry about money again?

If you won $7,000 A Week For Life, you could make your wish for a new home come true! Wouldn’t it be great to splurge on the new home you and your family have wished for? Or you could remodel your current home and turn it into your castle!

If you won $7,000 A Week For Life, you could help your loved ones achieve their dreams!  Have you been hoping to help your children or grandchildren attend university or trade school? A big win for you could mean their wishes coming true, too!

If you won $7,000 A Week For Life, you could travel the world! What famous sites are on your wish-list? The Grand Canyon? Stonehenge? The Great Barrier Reef?

If you won $7,000 A Week For Life, you could take care of YOU! Could you use a massage … or even a makeover? Have you been wishing for a gym membership, but haven’t been able to spend the money? Win, and you could fulfill your dream for a happier, healthier YOU!

Ok, so that was more than 3 wishes! But like I said, if you won $7,000 A Week For Life on October 21st, the sky could be the limit on your wishes, with all those checks coming in week after week after week!

Please let us know in the comments section below what YOUR three wishes would be if you won $7,000 A Week For Life!

Keep entering — and may all your wishes come true!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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